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for Marvel: Path Forward

11/10 c17 UnknownEntity92
I feel like this author is a virgin and is just living out his fantasy. The mc has only surrounded himself with females. Completely ignoring any male “geniuses” simply because they are guys. Its stupid af lol.
10/28 c61 dayjavu2000
I really do hope you continue writing this FF.
10/16 c61 Guest
Please update awesome story
10/16 c1 Mellomellen
I would first like to point out that people keep commenting thatdose/do/is notcompared to the marvel comics. The marvel universe that the author chose is numbered 1916 so there for this is an AU
Taking that and the fact that this fic is not finished my personal review is sketchy at best
Writeing quality 5/5
Story development 3.5/5
Grammar 4.5/5
Updating stability 1/5
Personal notes:
The main charater is made to be an oxymoron, he says he hatesbut still does it himself i think that as a reader you have to realise that fact quickly or the story will not appeal to the majority of readers.
It could be my opinon but another way to read this fic is to view the mc like an egomaniac with trust issues, true he can and does trust others and isnt egocentric but think of it likecant be trusted with thisonly my people able’.
10/15 c25 Coreymcwhirter2
Small mistake in this chapter. In the chapter "Guests", Yelena was said to be 17 while looking 15. In this chapter, you say she is in her mid-twenties.
9/27 c1 Mellomellen
Please update
9/26 c61 FF-loverHP1
9/6 c61 7ThatCrazyBrit94
shame this isnt finished, would have like to see this to the avengers assemble atleast.
8/25 c4 KratostheLycan
I get that its AU, but how did Howard already sending Tony to a boarding school by 1973 if Tony was only born in 1970?
8/5 c15 M1stymix
tbh i think humans aren't really aligned with order since we are a really imaginative and creative species just look at the books, movies, comics, anime, food and many more we created I think we are in the between the chaos and order
8/2 c61 nephilim015
When next chapter?
7/26 c61 Guest
Well just read all of this and I enjoyed it

So glad you made it a harem pairing to

Also feel like Madelyn should definitely have received help from Kai
7/22 c61 dkainallen
disappointing this is dropped
7/13 c61 Hunter 1
When is the next chapter it's been 7 months after this month it's been 8 months I want a new charger I love prince kai
7/14 c61 godlikenaruto95
Please update soon. Stories this good are a rare and I'd hate to see this one be forgotten
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