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for Good Bye, Farewell, So Long, Fuck You

12/3 c5 csheila

Thanks for sharing

Not to mention littering a story with great ideas
11/23 c5 Corwyn
I loved this story! Especially the 'Tom got killed off-screen when he pissed off Baron Samedi' comment :-) Thanks for sharing it with us.
This could be continued. nicely written
11/8 c5 FriendlyFire59
Great story and a good place to stop... but not a great place {whine whine}.

Thanks for having posted this, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
11/8 c5 4My Alternate Reality
11/6 c5 Rebatrek
Interesting, I enjoyed your story! Thank you for sharing!
10/7 c1 Kai
So, Neville will krash his ennemihs, sih sem drifen bifor him and hihr se lamenteshen of ser wimmin? Cool!

Dobby is a bad house elf. Dobby deserves to be punished. Dobby should be spanked. And the rest happens without an audience. - Honestly, that really sounds creepy. BDSM creepy.
10/8 c5 a.vago
Thanks for writing and sharing it with us!
10/4 c5 Mikeblade
the goblins got ahead of the selves no one in the wiz 2nded shores petition so the aduit never happened.
10/4 c4 Mikeblade
i call bullshitt barty jr was a death eater to the core so if he found out he no longer could do magic he would not run to the muggle he would kill him self.
10/4 c2 Mikeblade
i loved dracos comment of dumbles being a politician and only doing things that benefit themsevles.

i have one for you if politicians had to honor the campaighn promisis there would be no politicians any more
10/2 c1 CarolsSister
Neville the Barbarian? It has been raining for the past four days, and that laugh was so needed. Thank you.
9/26 c2 Guest
Just because Rowling felt the need to butcher the language in her books doesn't mean fanfiction writers need to do the same. It just makes things harder to read, while perpetuating Rowling's thinly-veiled racism she brought to her books.

"Oooh, 'Arry. Zat makes me zo 'ot!" Bah!
9/23 c5 Hank1967
Ack! You can't end this here! It's too good! More please!
9/23 c5 7littleditto
This is fantastic
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