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for Potter's Bloody Luck

11/26 c3 2A10riddick
For chapter 4 review

Ok! Sorry to hear that your having to do a rewrite.

Can't wait for the next new chapter!

Will this be a new story posting or will you update this story with new chapters?
11/24 c4 kyuuti999
Fleur, nymphadora, and Susan or daphne
11/9 c3 40deathgeonous
Hmm, very nice fic here, I do hope to see more of it. Well, thanks for writing it, and bye for now.
10/5 c1 9K. M. Donovan
feel free to continue and use numbered annotations, but i would suggest moving the annotations themselves to the end of the chapter, as they make the fic difficult to read when they are place in the middle of chapters.

just some advice, take it or leave it, your choice

and as always,

thank you for your time,
10/2 c4 Guest
I'd say first Hermione then Narcissa and finally Bellatrix
9/30 c3 Guest
Rolls? The fuck? Go and write some quests if you want rolls. They have no place in actual fiction.
9/30 c1 Guest
Too bad Hermione is in. Guess this isnt for me. Good luck.
9/29 c4 Icingdeath0945
Fleur, lily, and nymphadora are my picks if only could have 1 or 2 more would add daphne and narcissa because they deserve it
9/29 c4 dakotafogarty
Granger(because I like some of the other fics where her more irritating traits are improved and she could find her niche in this story), lily potter(because it could be a nice surprise twist and without her memories she's a blank canvas for you to use) and either a delacour(doesn't really matter which one because it is another French character and could provide a strong link to France and the rest of Europe if it works for the story) or bellatrix( skilled combatant and one more mentally unstable person won't make things worse
9/29 c4 Drake1101
Katie bell, parvati patil, susan bones and Hermione Granger.
9/29 c4 2A10riddick
for my vote unless it changes in the pole.

Lilly clone

Is it possible for the patil twins to possibly be treated as one vote together if they get enough votes?
9/29 c4 A10riddick
Why put Hermione in the list if she was removed from voting?
9/29 c4 1David Saville
nymphdora tonks, Cho chang, Angelina Johnson
9/29 c4 lillianna.thastoli
id choose fleur and luna first, then the last be either susan bones or daphne greengrass
9/28 c3 2A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

You might want to check some spelling in this chapter.
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