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6h c22 Guest
Sweet. Need more quick :/)
11/28 c22 8IDontKnowYourSignal
What a difference a good night’s sleep and a head cleared of clutter makes! With all the pieces of the jigsaw in place, Georg is no longer brooding and has become charming and playful. I love that he makes peace with the children and makes them a key part of the day he has planned with Maria - after all, it was the children who brought them together.
Lovely update!
11/25 c22 Guest
The Captain is a scoundrel and a half ;) Very good.
11/26 c21 IDontKnowYourSignal
They’ve finally had ‘the chat’ - but have they? He’s drunk, she’s angry, he falls over, she falls asleep!
At least Maria knows Georg’s mood has nothing to do with Elsa and everything to do with being jealous about someone who doesn’t exist - or not how he imagined.
Great update!
11/26 c20 IDontKnowYourSignal
Great update! How fitting that Georg ends up in the lake, thanks to Maria.
I love Max - he’s mothering Georg, while being Maria’s best friend! I laughed at him ordering Georg inside to change out of his wet clothes.
And of course, he’s got to the bottom of Luca and asked all the questions that Georg should be asking. He’s a real Nancy Drew!
Let’s see how that chat goes…
11/26 c19 IDontKnowYourSignal
I can see Max’s head spinning trying to piece together Maria’s plans, Georg’s misunderstandings, and his observations over the weeks!
I love how Max notices everything - he knows how Maria and Georg feel, he just needs to make them realise their feelings are reciprocated.
I don’t think Max will let things rest, so I’m betting he will sort out this mess!
11/26 c18 IDontKnowYourSignal
Oh, Georg is his own worst enemy! When it comes to matters of the heart he sabotages himself with indecision, moodiness, misunderstanding and inaction every time.
I’m glad Elsa had the good grace to leave. But Georg really should have done the right thing and ended things sooner. Hopefully, Georg drags himself out of his self-inflicted black mood - and soon!
It will be interesting to see if Georg saves himself or whether Maria gives him another piece of his mind, or maybe Max (now that he’s caught in the middle) will have a quiet word to his friend. Can’t wait to find out!
11/21 c22 10bloomandgrow
I relished Georg's humble apology after behaving like a jackass for so long. Then how cute was that - I loved his cunning determination to gently woo Maria even in the presence of the children. So sweet the way he was hugging her and holding her hand deviously.

haha, Max likes to live dangerously - poking the sleeping bear.
Lovely update.
11/18 c22 Guest
Cute chapter :) I liked the battle of the banter between Max and Georg vs Maria and Georg. And Georg’s ways of easing Maria into a relationship were both adorable and amusing. So unlike him so far in this story where he’s gone from brooding brute to charmingly cute. Lol
11/19 c22 24What About Love
Finally, a connection between them! I think the handholding is quite sweet. I can’t wait to see where you take us from here.
11/14 c21 What About Love
You can’t stop there! I must know what happens next.
11/13 c21 10bloomandgrow
Hah, lot's to chuckle over: the Captain drunkenly falling over; Maria having a Jekyll and Hyde moment, battling with herself as she caressed him while he was asleep; Maria yelling at him and calling him Sherlock, and then hitting him with the pillow. Hee.
I can envisage that there won't ever be a dull moment even when they are married.
Always entertaining!
11/12 c21 2som04
Hahaha. Could just see M attacking G with the pillow. Had me giggling. Great chapter, will be sad to see the story come to the end but looking forward to the next chapter.
11/12 c21 Guest
Hell yes! Georg deserved that pillow! Lmao A lovely chapter. I liked how Maria found him drunk & sulking, then felt protective enough to fall asleep with him after he passed out & then came their inevitable argument. They need to just hurry up & snog and have some sexy time FFS to calm them down. Hehe.
11/11 c20 Guest
A lovely chapter ;) Georg had that dip in the lake at the hand of Maria coming. Lmao Max will have enough material to write a book or a musical about this love story by time these two are finished flirting in their own quirky style. Hehe! More soon plz.
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