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12/11/2022 c24 9IDontKnowYourSignal
Wow! That went from zero to 100 in a few short seconds!
I laughed at Maria’s reasons for not wanting to marry Georg - yes, it would be a challenge for any girl…
But I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of your story. You’ve taken us on a unique journey with our favourite characters - thank you!
And I remember you saying back at the beginning that you wanted to make us smile and laugh - there have certainly been plenty of those!
You’ve done an amazing job, and I hope you’re back at the keyboard soon!
12/11/2022 c23 IDontKnowYourSignal
What?! I didn’t expect that…
What on Earth is Maria thinking?
12/10/2022 c24 10bloomandgrow
Phew, that was steamy hot. I loved the very thorough way Georg convinced Maria she had to marry him, and then I adored her boldness and confidence in taking things even further. I can see a future for them full of spirited arguments and sizzling passion. There will never be a dull moment for those two.

Thank you for this lovely story. It made me smile, it made me chuckle. I do hope you are planning another hugely entertaining story like this.
12/9/2022 c24 24What About Love
I am so glad you shared this story with us! Thank you so much for making me feel all the emotions with this. I do hope you decide to share another story soon.
12/9/2022 c24 2som04
This was hot hot ho!. so glad it's all back on. Shame the story had to come to an end, but all good ones do.
loved all chapters from beginning to end, hoping you will return with another Tsom story soon.
Thanks for sharing.
12/3/2022 c23 Guest
A super steamy chapter! It was so sweet of the Captain to whisk Maria to the ballroom where it all started and declare his love for her there. Very romantic. But OMG what is Maria thinking? Lol She slow-danced with him, snogged his face off and then told him she couldn’t marry him and ran off :( I can see why he’d be completely shocked tbh and I bet Georg will be thinking all sorts now. He may even assume he was right in the first place when he thought Maria was in love with the Italian stallion. Lol He may just go all moody & ‘Captainy’, revert to his disciplinarian mask again like he usually does when he’s hurt or confused. I hope they talk though. I can’t wait to find out why Maria has acted so spooked and irrational after encouraging Georg. Great update but damn that cliffhanger :p
12/3/2022 c23 10bloomandgrow
Lovely. So wonderful to see the giddy excitement and hot passion of newly discovered love. It's full circle - back to the ballroom where it started and this time she has a real partner - for life. And he's completely crazy about her, and not just plain crazy as he was the last few weeks.
But wait a minute, what...? Argh, a cliff hanger. Noooooo!
12/2/2022 c23 24What About Love
I definitely did not expect that to be her answer. Very excited to learn what’s going on in her head about it all. Loved the steamy chapter!
12/2/2022 c23 2som04
I was not expecting a No. looking forward to reading further updates.
12/1/2022 c22 Guest
Sweet. Need more quick :/)
11/28/2022 c22 9IDontKnowYourSignal
What a difference a good night’s sleep and a head cleared of clutter makes! With all the pieces of the jigsaw in place, Georg is no longer brooding and has become charming and playful. I love that he makes peace with the children and makes them a key part of the day he has planned with Maria - after all, it was the children who brought them together.
Lovely update!
11/25/2022 c22 Guest
The Captain is a scoundrel and a half ;) Very good.
11/26/2022 c21 IDontKnowYourSignal
They’ve finally had ‘the chat’ - but have they? He’s drunk, she’s angry, he falls over, she falls asleep!
At least Maria knows Georg’s mood has nothing to do with Elsa and everything to do with being jealous about someone who doesn’t exist - or not how he imagined.
Great update!
11/26/2022 c20 IDontKnowYourSignal
Great update! How fitting that Georg ends up in the lake, thanks to Maria.
I love Max - he’s mothering Georg, while being Maria’s best friend! I laughed at him ordering Georg inside to change out of his wet clothes.
And of course, he’s got to the bottom of Luca and asked all the questions that Georg should be asking. He’s a real Nancy Drew!
Let’s see how that chat goes…
11/26/2022 c19 IDontKnowYourSignal
I can see Max’s head spinning trying to piece together Maria’s plans, Georg’s misunderstandings, and his observations over the weeks!
I love how Max notices everything - he knows how Maria and Georg feel, he just needs to make them realise their feelings are reciprocated.
I don’t think Max will let things rest, so I’m betting he will sort out this mess!
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