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11/1/2022 c16 9IDontKnowYourSignal
Hah! Love the Captain and his insane jealousy - it trips him up all the time. He’s convinced by what he saw, but little does he realise it was a farewell!
And what’s this?! The RM has arranged a new job for Maria…. Not what I was expecting…
11/1/2022 c15 IDontKnowYourSignal
Georg really is playing with fire! At least he recognises his feelings for Maria and is willing to let them play out - a nice departure from the movie, where he just buried his feelings deeper and kept denying them. Oh, I’m sure Elsa would have something to say about him “not having made any commitment” to her! In Elsa’s mind, and possibly many others, the invitation to join him in Salzburg was a very public commitment…. Interesting to see the RM’s reading on the situation!
10/30/2022 c19 Guest
The Captain has a severe sickness of jealousy ;) Lol Max being amused but gently goading his friend to get to the truth of why Georg was drinking and acting up was funnily smart. It will be interesting to see if Max comes up with a plan to help and if so will it work or backfire spectacularly as sometimes happens when people try to meddle? :o I can’t wait to find out.
10/30/2022 c19 24What About Love
Leaving us in suspense again! Glad to see max is on the case.
10/28/2022 c14 9IDontKnowYourSignal
Oh my, that was one steamy dream! Poor Maria, instead of feeling awakened and excited by her dream of the Captain, she feels guilt and shame. I’m not sure this is quite what Georg had in mind…
10/28/2022 c13 IDontKnowYourSignal
Middle of the night, the rest of the house asleep, alone in the kitchen, him in pyjama pants, her in a nightdress - what could possibly go wrong?! Now that Georg has realised his true feelings for Maria, he’s more relaxed and assured. But of course, she mistakes it for arrogance!
They can’t ignore this encounter in the kitchen - he’s confident she’ll realise her true feelings. But will she? And what will he do about Elsa?
10/28/2022 c19 2som04
love Maxy-waxy. looking forward to next up date.
10/28/2022 c12 9IDontKnowYourSignal
Who could have imagined Maria’s day of baking could have started off so innocently (reliving childhood memories), but ended up stirring all kinds of emotions and naughty thoughts?!
Georg’s new found resolve barely gets him through breakfast, and Maria is struggling whenever he’s near. Hah! Maria’s forgotten all about that Luca bloke, and he’s all Georg can think about!
10/23/2022 c17 10bloomandgrow
A new twist on the E-G-M triangle, which is now a quadrangle with Luca as well. Elsa is fed up with Georg obsessing about Maria; Georg is furious and sarcastic with Maria because he thinks she loves Luca; Maria is oblivious to why Georg is so angry and is planning her exit strategy.

I'm glad Maria has finally realised that Georg may have feelings for her, after recognsing similar behaviour in Friedrich and the girl he is smitten with.
Always entertaining!
10/22/2022 c16 bloomandgrow
Not many of us could blame Maria for lusting after the Captain, imagining what he looks like under his clothes... ;)

Her confession to the RM seems to have done her a world of good, relieving the burden of guilt. Lovely to see her back to her high-spirited self. But now she's back in trouble with the Captain after accepting Luca's ride. Uh-oh. I am enjoying all the twists and turns on their journey to find each other.
10/22/2022 c15 bloomandgrow
Poor Georg. He is on a roller coaster of emotions: beginning the day with the giddy excitement of being in love, which turns to disappointment at Maria's attitude, then petulance and sulks, then an explosion of anger, and finally compassion and tenderness when he understands her turmoil. That captures so well the crazy emotions of being in love.
I felt for Maria - misunderstanding Georg's happiness, thinking he is mocking her, and then that cute bit of defiance mimicking him, only for it to trigger his rage. Ah those two, driving each other crazy!
10/22/2022 c18 7MeltIntoSpring
Oh my goodness, you're really firing on all cylinders!
I always smile when I see that little notification in my inbox to tell me you've updated.
You're absolutely right, Maria definitely needs to give Georg a little refresher course on Parenting 101.
I am so excited to see what's next. I hope you're about to put us all out of our misery!
10/21/2022 c18 Guest
Damn! Georg & Maria are like 2 atoms about to collide and when they do, I’m guessing that the resulting reaction will be explosive :) We have the Captain, who’s jealousy over a romantic relationship that doesn’t even exist between Maria and Luca, is eating him up inside to the point where he’s decided that hating Maria and treating her disdainfully is the answer to his problems since she’s leaving him soon anyway. What an idiot! Lol And we have Maria, who thinks he’s upset about his break-up with Elsa, so she’s trying to be sympathetic and patient with him but now is getting angry with his unfair treatment of the children and has set a deadline to confront him. The tension is growing and the argument by the lakeside will probably pale into insignificance to the row that is bubbling to a boil between Georg and Maria right now. Lol Both have their wires crossed so I can’t wait to see how this plays out.
10/21/2022 c18 24What About Love
Another great installment. I am dying to see how their next real interaction will go. Something has got to give with these two!
10/17/2022 c11 9IDontKnowYourSignal
I’ve fallen so far behind with my reading, but at least I get to binge on all the updates!
I’m not sure who has it worse - Georg or Maria. The two can’t seem to help themselves - even pretending they’re a married couple buying a gift for their child (that made me smile!). And now he realises his rival for Maria’s attentions isn’t just the pirate in the book! I love me a jealous Captain!
And of course, Max notices his friend’s interest in the governess. I wonder if Elsa has twigged to what’s going on? And has Max noticed Maria’s feelings for Georg?
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