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9/22/2022 c12 24What About Love
I just adore the playfulness between them! As always, very interested to see where you take us next.
9/22/2022 c12 2som04
loved it. children the traitors, haha
9/20/2022 c11 1Chris and Byng
Poor Georg’s got it bad. The pirate get-up has got him
particularly fired up! I love the playful banter between these two. Looking forward to the next instalment.
9/20/2022 c11 24What About Love
I’ve been waiting patiently for Luca to show up again! And of course, I always love a jealous Georg.
9/19/2022 c9 9IDontKnowYourSignal
This chapter was such great fun!
The to-and-fro after dinner was such a tug of war between Maria and Georg. Loved Maria avoiding his looks, while Georg couldn’t keep his eyes off her. There was that constant shift between good-natured banter and flirting. Max has noticed (of course!) and poor Elsa is trying to tell herself she hasn’t noticed anything (good luck with that!).
It was priceless when the children became involved in the conversation. There’s nothing quite like the innocence of children!
And now, poor Georg is all at sea!
Love how everything circles back to the book, and how the story in the book parallels real life.
I laughed at the end how neither of them wants to broach the subject of the book - it’s now become the elephant in the room!
9/18/2022 c10 24What About Love
I can’t wait to read the next chapter! I do love where you’re taking this. And, of course, I love any conversation with Max!
9/17/2022 c10 10bloomandgrow
Phew, those two are like a Tom and Jerry cartoon with their antics. Maria accidently giving the captain a Hitler moustache, making him incensed enough to dump her in the lake; all the while Max observing those two crazy kids and the way they can't keep away from each other. Like Max, I am finding the whole scene so entertaining. It certainly put a smile on my face.

The attraction between them is getting sizzling. Maria can't keep her eyes off him as he shows off playing football with the boys, and Georg can't keep his eyes off her when she is soaking wet from the lake.
9/17/2022 c9 bloomandgrow
Haha, poor Georg, he's embroiled in an 'inferno' of lust and then an inferno of jealousy over Luca. Poor chap is being roasted alive! I winced and chuckle as the children sang Luca's praises; then the deepest cut of all - they said Luca was just like their father except younger. Ouch.

Then the jealousy followed him into his dreams. Now he's worried that rather than being the lusty pirate he may end up being the betrayed captain. I do love a jealous captain. He really is being tortured by his governess. But he's still in denial over whether it is anything more than attraction.
Always entertaining! Thanks for the chuckles.
9/13/2022 c8 9IDontKnowYourSignal
I smiled at Maria finds herself fascinated by the book about the lusty pirate and the fair maiden, while the Captain finds himself fascinated by his governess! Loved that Maria inadvertently had the book she was pretending to read upside down!
Of course, neither are admitting to anything - much easier to bury their feelings and pretend the burning attraction doesn’t exist. Hah! Let’s see how long that lasts!
9/12/2022 c7 IDontKnowYourSignal
Oh, I’m trying to play catch up here!
I wondered what would happen after the encounter in the library - both of them had fitful sleeps interrupted by dreams. And of course they both dreamed of a swim in the lake under the moonlight. Love how everything is getting so hot and steamy - the night, their dreams, them!
Their next meeting after the library was going to be awkward, after their dreams, it’s going to be excruciating…
9/11/2022 c9 1Chris and Byng
“Oh God, he could be her pirate.” I laughed out loud when I read those words! Love the teasing the Captain is dishing out until Max effectively overturns the good ship Von Trapp and the Liesl adds fuel to the fire by mentioning Luca. Poor Georg. He’s got so much going on in his head. I think Maria will be struggling soon, if she isn’t already.
9/11/2022 c9 Windyandstormy
This is great
9/8/2022 c6 9IDontKnowYourSignal
Love how Maria’s trying to avoid the Captain, but he just keeps circling around the villa until he finds her.
I laughed at Maria losing herself in the very un-nun like story of lust and leathery on the open seas! They just can’t help themselves, trying to catch out the other, refusing to let the other win - such a delicious tug-of-war between them.
Oh, the poor Captain has it sooo bad!
9/8/2022 c8 10bloomandgrow
I like how she is drawn irresistibly back to the racy book. (In a previous chapter I chuckled over her internal justification for reading it - the RM had told her to explore the world. I somehow don't think that reading erotic literature was exactly what the RM had in mind, haha).

I am really enjoying how Georg simply can't keep away from her. The analogies in the update are so apt: he's a lion to her gazelle, he's the cat to her mouse, he's like a school boy pulling her hair just so she will chase him. Too cute. The chapter was such good fun.
9/8/2022 c7 bloomandgrow
How delicious that they had the same lusty dream. There is something so intensely sensuous about them both swimming naked and finding each other, then giving in to their passion. Phew, sizzling! Pity it was a dream ;)
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