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for The Return of the Supreme Beings

11/20 c1 c.aaronrmz
hey when are you going to upload the next chapter I really liked it
10/30 c1 4iacopo.passerini
Ottimo lavoro!
10/6 c1 2RedianRed
Hope you might update soon. This story has lot of potentional
9/28 c1 3RonaldM40196867
Now this rules.
8/25 c1 Guest
Give me more!
8/26 c1 4NuclearNachos
I think your oc is getting in the way of the plot. You should remove him. There's plenty of supreme beings that we don't know what their personality is like, so you can make one of these act like your oc.
8/24 c1 Facu Ibarra1
I like this
8/23 c1 Kikikawa
Just askin...did you read the light novels?
8/20 c1 Guest
Continue the story please. This is the only overlord fanfic that is enjoyable to read
8/20 c1 2Booty Enjoyer
Pretty good start, and the cliffhanger is what makes it interesting to stay tuned for, also the chapter length is adequate.

You just need to spend a bit more to review the structure of each paragraph when it comes to dialogue spacing, as well as some grammar and character’s speech. I know most of them are minor errors but some of us reader may find it quite an eyesore. Don’t forget to capitalize characters’ name eye?

Definitely forward to more!
8/19 c1 1Tsuki-no-Hazama Hime
uh... may I have another chapter please?
8/19 c1 Danbooru God
Yes just the type of story i have been waiting for
8/19 c1 RedReaper121
Love it
8/19 c1 britton.lashley05
8/19 c1 frankiebayer2002
this is great but really a cliffhanger now I'm going to be sad waiting for this amazing story to update I have read overlord fic's with more supreme beings already login before the severs shut down but never have I read where they get in exactly after they update there game. hope to read more we need more overlord story's.
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