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for A Woman's Choice

2/18 c1 9CampDBow
What a fascinating premise! I don't know why I never clicked on your profile to see if you wrote stories in addition to excellent comments on RLM, but what a treat to find this gem. I enjoyed how you built up a homeschooled Harry and how characters reflected their canon selves while diverging meaningfully. Even though many characters end up with pairings from canon, I think you made some fun choices for alternatives that I didn't see coming. I'll have to check out some of your other stories!
1/21/2023 c1 Guest
Really enjoyed this. Well done!
10/6/2022 c1 Mewpagano
8/26/2022 c1 lojosmom
I loved this story and everyone's happy ending.
8/19/2022 c1 scrappy8
great chapter
8/19/2022 c1 Guest
well done!

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