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for Swords and Sorcery III: Plucking Daisies for Knowledge and Prophet

18h c9 10Alshert
Thanks for this new chapter! :)
4/7 c9 VeganoCanibal
Great chapter! Interesting. I'll take the opportunity to make my own predictions as well (Please don't change your plans if I miraculously get something right). Hermione is going to specialize in something this year, or try to, probably either magical creatures or potions. Someone else is going to die this time. "Malfoy" and Iris or possibly Illya are going to become "friends". I'd really like to have seen predictions about Shirou. Sad.
4/5 c9 1DracoArtemisLeopin
I feel like getting an omen of a friend being in danger should be a given when you're either your universe's Harry "Trouble Magnet" Potter or friends with Shirou "E-Rank Luck" Emiya. Clearly they need a refund and another cup of tea to get a Divination that's less obvious.
4/5 c8 DracoArtemisLeopin
...This year is gonna suck for anyone with a chocolate allergy...
4/5 c9 markco57818
thank you for the update can't wait for the next one
4/5 c9 Absurdum est
Its a cool idea that the cloak can hide Iris even from the Inner Eye. I really like how youve explored its more esoteric concepts; hiding from Death itself is quite an endeavor after all.
4/5 c9 7NightBringer325
Accurate tea reading with a touch of the obvious for Iris who let's face it she would take the omen of death over a friend in danger cause if it's the first one she's just going to be like okay Shirou ready the weapons we have another threat to deal with. On the other had the two deadly threats being the two Voldemorts is interesting and I wonder how long they will remain allies given I can't see him willing to share power with anyone even himself.
4/4 c9 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
4/4 c9 vinayakdj1
Nice read if a little too short a chapter..
At this pace, and with all the additional crossover elements you have put in place, I'm guessing your grandchildren will be able to complete this series before they retire
4/4 c9 rexlapis863
thx for update
4/4 c9 1dreaddragonknight
I enjoyed the different interpretations of what could be seen between Iris and Hermione
4/4 c9 8Jebest4781
Pretty nice in this.
4/4 c9 Artyk04
The bow and arrow could also have double meaning, the first being Rumours and the second Shirou. And knowing it was a prediction about Iris, it could be that there will be a rumour of Shirou and Iris. Also, know that I think about it, Iris is technically blessed by Diana, goddess of the Hunt, due to the ritual Shirou did to bless her sword, so it could be triple meaning and all of them are cojoined in it being a rumour about Shirou and Iris.
The two mortal enemies are obviously the Two Voldemorts. And we can all agree that Sirius is in danger.
I want to see Shirou's divination class and then I want to see their DADA class. Although I don't remember if Hufflepuff and Grifindor had DADA together but it shouldn't be a problem to change that little bit, right? I mean, Shirou's boggart is goibg to be way more impacting if the people that watch it are people he knows. Maybe change it completely and make it so all 4 classes deal with that together at first? So that Voldy and Rin can watch too. I have been thinking for a while now and I still am not sure what Shirou' boggart is goibg to be. Reading this fanfic is always so exciting
4/4 c9 PlzDontReferToMe
3/17 c8 writerofshow
Wonder if you are going to bring up Shirou ack of birthday
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