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8/9 c2 serpentacodex
this was pretty good
6/28 c1 PH98
6/28 c2 PH98
Austin story hope you do more chapter soon
5/4 c2 1Killjoy3000
love it hope you bring it back even though its been a year
12/12/2022 c2 MawOfTheVoid
More maybe?
11/28/2022 c2 BenjaRR34
hello author the story is amazing when you make an update
11/26/2022 c2 LockieBoy1819
Awesome chapter mate your doing a fantastic job can't can't wait to see more chapters, and I think it would be great if you do a Harley Quinn crossover hope to see it soon, have a great day and stay safe.
9/23/2022 c2 1ShadowRealmComics
Hmmmm, I like what I read here and want to see more. Keep it up please.
9/23/2022 c2 Blank Lord
Good job on the chapter. This was a really good read. I can’t wait for more.
9/22/2022 c2 shapeshifter340
An interesting story continue it as soon as possible please really want to see what happens next
9/22/2022 c2 1firetemplar415
This is new tw8at of the futurama world I've never seen before. Im intrigued.
9/21/2022 c1 PhoenixDragon90
Seems Interesting.
Will follow and see where this goes.
9/19/2022 c2 Vespasian25
Love the direction, the story, and the other story is your writing, hope to see you and update when you have a chance.
9/18/2022 c2 SPark681
Hmm, a nice story so far can't wait till more comes out so keep up the great work!
9/18/2022 c2 8The Infamous 1
Liking this so far never enough Futurama/Naruto
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