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1/21 c3 Jenny1701
YES - please continue to write about our favourite couple. I have been re-reading all your past stories while waiting for updates on this one. You are a very talented writer and have captured the essence of Booth and Brennan very well. Keep up the good work.
11/28/2022 c3 nirkamo
Just finished this one! I love the ones in wish they Get or are together! Thank you, I hope you write more!
11/25/2022 c3 Guest
Please continue to write b&b stories! You are a truly wonderful author. Since English is your second language, no one would be able to tell if you hadn’t told us.
I loved this story and all your stories. On to read The Sperm in the Special Agent. Hope you will be able to finish that one soon.
11/20/2022 c3 Guest
I do love your stories.. hope you keep writing
11/15/2022 c3 jsboneslover
I, for one, loved this. No ideas right now, but real gratitude for the time you spend in writing these!
9/25/2022 c3 Boothbabe22705
I loved it-perfect visuals and if English is your second language you use it very well since so much FF is hard to read because of grammar and spelling. Thank you and yes some of us just found Bones during the pandemic and appreciate new stories.
9/15/2022 c3 Bones2014
Great chapter with an ending I crave in my FF…B&B together hotsexy. Love your stories. If you continue to write them, I will read them!
9/1/2022 c3 geraghtyvl
Love your stories and hoping for more!
9/1/2022 c3 HangingFromTheSky
Wow, this was just amazing. So much more than just sex, you truly captured the heat, sensuality and tenderness of the moment. Beautiful writing and story telling.

Yes, please write more.
8/29/2022 c3 KnitMama
I always enjoy reading your stories / keep 'em coming :-)
8/29/2022 c3 dms517
A truly enjoyable story depicting the desire and love between B&B. Please continue writing stories for your followers who love these characters. Your writing is always a joy to read.
8/28/2022 c3 Caroline's Bones - Dolphins
ch 2/ truly loved got sum giggles, out of booth's inner thoughts, whilst sitting in his (semi-forced-attendance) senimar, 1nce he (snuck out), varied thoughts continue, all way bac to his hotel room.

ur detailed description of, his inner dialogue, 1nce in his
room (one door only, separat'g their adjoin'g rooms) kept (me) thoroughly entertained. so thank u.

i felt a range, of emotions, whilst booth's in his room, (just thinking, contemplating wishing)!
it's sad, funny, frustrating possibly hopeful, that both 'bren booth', their constant (inner thoughts), neva having enough courage, to speak aloud, (i believe), would solve, most if not-all (their doubts)!
playing the non-ending circle-game of (not good enough), so there's just not point of out-loud voicing, let alone pursuing, (wish, for a 'loving future shared', coz he-she, just couldn't want me!)

maddening, endless loop, of just going nowhere! ontop of that (huge pile of crap!), yes, i belly laughed, when bren said that to booth, in dwarf in the dirt ep, season 5)!
when speak'g of hodgins; sifting thru all his allotted evidence, (booth's astonishment, at his bones, joshing around, about of all this to her...said sacred...forensic evidence)! it's truly insane!

ch 3/
wow, wow wowzzzzzza!
ur third ch, had my...whole body tingling, thou i'm saying darn it, as i can't stand in-front of my air-con (set to hi-est speed), needed to ice-me-down! i can thou go onside, stand in our way too many mass rain - down pours, 2get a chilled down effect, frm the zinggger of an (out of town) hotel-room-sex-fest! again, (sorry, just gotta say it, yowzzzzza! heeheeheehee!

thank u, frm the deepest part of my (eva-lovin, bones booth, together, so happy add sexy lovin b'w em, then this gal's pleased as punch! much appreciated!

loved this fic u crafted.
as per ur author's note(s), which i luv'd, looking forward to other (bones - happy 2gethr booth & bren, would luv 2c)!
these stories keep me grinning like a fool, rite-thru-2 belly-aching, let-loose, can't-seem-to-catch-my-breath-laughter, that it warms me up, soul deep, thru to the tips of my toes fingers! heeheehee!

with kind regards, stay safe, well & happy.
here's wish'g u, a great wk ahead. caroline.
8/28/2022 c3 111GalaxieGurl
This was a very good story from the very beginning and you finished it off in a very descriptive manner that captures and holds the reader's attention (and other things) perfectly. I wish I knew enough (any) German to enjoy reading it in your language! Well done!
8/28/2022 c3 reader22705
love your stories please keep writing
8/28/2022 c3 gladys lynch
Great story! I love your writing and I still like to read B&B “getting together “ stories.
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