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for Dark and Moon Knight

11/17/2022 c6 LordSoundwave
I hope this continues with the rest of the show tbh
10/28/2022 c6 James Birdsong
9/30/2022 c6 Batrenz
Please update this story it looks good plus batman 2004 is a good idea plus a different moon knight is cool
8/27/2022 c6 Artorias78
ohh i think i see where you're going with this. that might actually work! I'm eager to see how you do this and how you approach what Ivy thinks about all this
8/25/2022 c5 1Scatman SSJohn EX
This story has amazing potential and i hope you work on this more.
8/25/2022 c5 Artorias78
good two chapters. im liking the direction you're taking with Ivy. looking forward to the next chapter
8/24/2022 c3 Artorias78
this is amazing, i cant wait to see where you take this!
8/24/2022 c2 Artorias78
ohhhhhhhhhhh i finally get the title now... AWESOME, i cant wait for the next chapter

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