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5h c79 mvnlaredo
Im so glad they talked, i Hope that they Are going to be ok and figure it All out. Looking forward to the next chapter.
8h c79 2December Jeffries2
It is about time that they finally talked. They both will have to be more considerate of each other and make their marriage a priority. For the first time in a while, I can see them making sure that they don't lose the connection that caused them to fall in love with each other in the first place. I do think that they should meet with their lawyers to put an financial agreement on record. Logan knows Rory isn't some golddigger out to take his money, but I think they both would be more comfortable with an agreement documented.
19h c78 52shari
Neither one of them know how to navigate a relationship. But at least after the call from Honor Rory can understand a little better. Love her pro con list.
20h c77 52shari
Logan truly not handling the pressure well. The stooges not helping. Never try to reason with a drunk it won’t work. Rory has to much time on her hands and she is so unhappy it seems
22h c78 December Jeffries2
Every single chapter, I say the same thing. They need to have a serious talk with each other. Logan is so afraid that Rory is going to leave him, but he needs to realize if that happened, he will definitely be the reason. Why didn't he tell Rory about his dad's health? Why haven't she told him about the job she is going to do with her dad? It's depressing and disappointing to see you take Rory and Logan's terrible communication skills in the same direction as the OS did. I was so proud of them and their relationship in the beginning of this story. They were communicating better and really became friends, lovers and partners. I'm anxious to see them revert back into that couple.
22h c78 3roganjalex
Absolutely love this chapter so emotional
23h c77 roganjalex
Oh my gosh this chapter broke my ️
1/28 c78 Festis7
A lot happened in this chapter. So looking forward ti read about their talk in chapter 79.

Logan really wish he didn’t get married without prenup.
I was was worried Logan would cheat on Rory on thanks giving. We will see how Honour’s wedding will go.

But hopefully they talk to each other. And that Logan wants to try to spend more time with Rory. I hope Rory explains the dress shopping.
1/27 c77 mimi1028
You hinted that they were going to have a big fight. Hopefully it won’t go on too long and they can clear the air. They’re both feeling a bit sorry for themselves. What happened to Rory working at the political campaign? Is that done? It seemed like she really liked it and it was keeping her busy.
1/27 c77 Guest
I think one of the things Logan likes so much about Rory is how different she is from all other society girls. She likes him for him not the name etc. but dropping out of Yale and planning a wedding and going along with all that stuff in some ways may scare Logan as much as it scares Rory. He doesn’t want someone like his mom.

That being said complaining all the way about the money and being so uncomfortable is like a slap in the face to Logan bc that is a huge part of him. And having such a problem with the money is like having a problem with and disliking who he is.

Also Rory goes along with Emily’s plans she doesn’t want to rock the boat hurt feelings etc. Isn’t that similar to what Logan is doing with his dad. How are they really any different.

Rory is also dealing with a great unknown. All she was ever told all she ever thought was she is going to be an international news corespondent and travel the world. She’s going to take step and go in that order and it will happen. There was no plan for detours. Straight shot. So suddenly realizing it’s not what she wants caused massive amounts of panic. The whole point of college is to study things and learn and find out what you want to do. By the way I also think it’s complete bullshit that Rory hides behind I just want to earn it on my own and with Huntzburger as a last name I never will. Using and having connections doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. Just say you don’t like it. It’s ok to change paths.

They need to talk. They need to just be together. Rory needs to be in school and be able to have other things. Logan needs to think of her more. Maybe talk to Rory about what he’s doing so she feels included.
1/27 c77 js
Logan cannot have best friends that are that disrespectful of Rory. That type of behavior towards a girlfriend is totally unacceptable for any guy. I thought these guys were trained in chivalrous behavior ? If not immediately curtailed, it can lead to unexpected and unsavory consequences. Being drunk is no excuse !
1/27 c77 js
So let’s see: Logan constantly working, Logan going to Chicago, Logan not asking about her day or her wedding dress, Logan going out with Colin and Finn, Logan drinking, Logan bringing Colin and Finn to their apartment, Logan not making sure his phone is charged, and Logan arguing with her about money and Yale. Is there anything I left out ? I think any of these was sufficient to cause a riff. Why the overkill ?
1/27 c1 kelly osland
She should utilize the resources she has around her with her own money she’s given by her family but she’s blaming everything on Logan and she’s also given the same opportunities but chooses to not use them.
1/27 c77 mvnlaredo
Oh My. I dont like this. I really Hope that they Are going to have a real talk and figure All of this out.
1/27 c77 Guest
Sure it’s a fight but maybe this is what they needed. They both have frustrations and they are basically kids trying to figure it all out
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