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10/1 c17 Lemini
Slava girl is too impulsive. I wonder if this defeat will teach her anything?
10/1 c12 Lemini
Oh. Thanks to Aisha, Brian will have fashionable gray hair before his twenty-fifth birthday)
10/1 c10 Lemini
It will be funny if drug dealers, in a narcotic frenzy, mistakenly drive into the bay and drown)
10/1 c6 Lemini
Oh, that was unexpected. I thought Taylor would kill Kaiser first. Hmm, I wonder if Cauldron will start looking for Coil's killer? After all, Katushka is their debtor.
10/1 c3 Lemini
I really liked the Armorer's suggestions about the Stranger or the cloak that changes people's appearances. Taylor is cool. She declared war on gangs. I wonder how she will cope with Coil?
9/27 c60 surviversp
Thank you for the time and effort you and the ones contributing additional content have put into this story. It's been a fun read so far and I'm glad I gave it a shot. The character interactions are great and I repeatedly found myself going "just one more chapter" while reading the backlog. I'm looking forward to more chapters as they become available.
9/25 c60 Ted Hsu
Well, the initial shock of Eidolon going from Powered Hero to Badass Normal Mentor has worn off, but he is adjusting, Though the Path to Ending demanding he give up his life aka "let himself be publicly killed by Atropos without a fight or threat of prosecution" would shake anyone up.

The needs of the many outweighing the needs of a few or even the one doesn't hold water when YOU are the one everyone demands making the 'final sacrifice.'

Because killing evil beings-capes, Endbringers, or just someone who gave you stink-eye and you caught them doing it-is one thing. Killing proven heroes for the flimsiest claim that it would being an end to the remaining Endbringers is another, especially if the one to die is concerned that whomever told you to kill him might NOT have what you need to fulfill your end of the deal, and you just killed an innocent person for no good reason.

Even having him adjust to no longer having powers to make a difference, and "David" now using his wisdom and experience is a big step. But then, no longer with the stress of performance anxiety of being a full-time hero, he's able to now realize being without the greater responsibility of having a great power-set, might let him grow old and retire, maybe with a family to tell stories to. So fading into the background not too bad.
9/26 c60 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
I wonder why Zoe Barnes never tried to contact Taylors after she learned about the bullying.
9/25 c60 16zigmas
I keep forgetting to write how hilarious it is to read about HER and HER Followers Who Follow HER Will.

Is Atropos a verified TROLL now?
I mean, she wants to give ROBOTS a "warning", as if she expects them to have a CHANCE of complying.
9/25 c60 2steamrick
Somewhere unseen, an environmentalist is having a heart attack at just slicing the ships apart and pouring the water inside back into the bay.
9/25 c60 21Duchess67
So is Emma going to get some much needed therapy now? Because honestly, the chick is in DIRE need of a LOT of therapy!

I'm surprised Bastion didn't hit upside the head, though Alexandria probably got HER point across just fine anyway. *chuckle*

And yaaaaaayyyyyyy the obstructions are gone!

That idiotic woman in New York ... *shaking my head now* Just how stupid can you be? *face palm*

Thanks so much for these wonderful additions to the story!
9/25 c60 7RedOuroboros
brilliant as always thanks
9/25 c58 21Duchess67
Wow, Armsmaster can actually learn how to be polite! *giggle*

And it made me cringe, but the pun was still funny. *snicker*

Yaaaaayyyyyyy Dragon is totally free!
9/25 c57 Duchess67
Oh the irony! LOL
Though, to be perfectly honest, Valefor was THROWN. *snicker*
9/25 c56 Duchess67
:D Oh that bit at the end there, that was sweet!
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