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for Jurassic World Dominion (My Version): REWRITE

7/16 c8 4DieHardBrendan
Well, that chapter can make you see how Claire would feel that her friends can't be part of these dangerous dinosaur missions anymore, along with the other events on this story.

I do enjoy Dominion, but it could use a bunch of improvements like you said.
6/26 c1 Isaias A. Ramos
The Giga name people gave it is Zeb
2/27 c5 Guest
Could you add the creatures of the camp cretaceous from ouranosaurus to monolophosaurus to Tarbosaurus, Smilodon to Nothosaurus.
2/27 c5 Guest
I just finished your latest chapter and I might say, it is very good, I hope this story would as good as the extended version of the movie.
1/31 c4 70KeepingUpDisappearances
Good job. And that poor pterosaur! :*(
11/1/2022 c3 KeepingUpDisappearances
I really like this so far! My one complaint is that the text is in bold which makes it harder to read.
9/27/2022 c1 Edward shelley
this is so good and you even had the giganotosaurus pale grey unfact it was the one in the prologue is that color while the another one is not the same color nice.

hope too see more of this dinosaurs forever

oh will there be more dinosaur species

. Spinosaurus
. Ceratosaurus they appaer in JP3 and camp cretaceous
. ouranosaurus they appaer in camp cretaceous
. monolophosaurus
. kentrosaurus
. pachyrhinosaurus
. Metriacanthosaurus
. Edmontosaurus
. Peloroplites
. Suchomimus
. Teratophoneus
. Majungasaurus
. Troodon
. Corythosaurus JP3
. Mamenchisaurus
. Euoplocephalus
. Herrerasaurus
. Styracosaurus
. Hadrosaurus
. acrocanthosaurus cut from camp
. Yutyrannus. large fathered dinosaur
. Maiasaura
. Psittacosaurus
. Concavenator
. Lambeosaurus
. Pachycephalosaurus
. Einiosaurus
. Camarasaurus
. Deinonychus. cut from the fmil and replace by atrociraptor
. Elmisaurus
. mapuosaurus
. Carcharodontosaurus
. Utahraptor you can have it covered in feathers
. the possibilities are endless now making dinosaurs is out in the world
8/28/2022 c1 1The Conniving Serpent
Yooo, this already has a pretty good start, even though it's not my story, I really hope that either you make the Giga more of a villain, or make him not die at the end, anyways, I've got this favorited, good luck!

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