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for Mushoku Tensei: Moving Forward

6/30 c27 Zepher Vrael
Ntr warning would’ve been nice.
6/25 c6 lasslowerence
fuck, that was cathartic, better than some other novels who use this scene to make a move on Roxy when he was still 3 xD
6/24 c10 1Xandrom
Riajuu not raiju
6/24 c9 Xandrom
Voyeur not voyageur
6/19 c45 ortunorube16
I cant wait for a update man its been 6 months, please post a chapter I am craving new content I am dying here man I’ll take anything at this point. I really enjoy your story I like the drama between the characters and we were so close to the next arc. I hope your doing fine and please post a new chapter we are waiting for new content.
6/17 c32 kiri Seni
Hopefully the father is gone gone for GOOD/ great story so far drama and so forth
6/12 c47 1Knighthunter911700
And here ends my journey, for now. I will admit that there was a chunk in this story that seemed to stagnate the plot. Don’t know if it was just me, but I felt slowed down. Other than a few pacing issues this story was great.

The cheating, pregnancy and conflict with Paul was amazingly written. All but the cheating was original and it truly showed your skilled.

I do hope you continue to write all the way to the teleportation incident. It’s a long way but I can dream at least.

Can’t wait to see more, till next time.
6/12 c44 Knighthunter911700
Damn, I wasn’t expecting this. I wonder what you will do with this. Also are we ever going to see hitogami? What is the man god doing?
6/11 c42 Knighthunter911700
Nice to see Rudy not getting Paul in trouble. I wonder what Paul is doing, is he still upside down
6/11 c41 Knighthunter911700
Everything is good when goddess Roxy appears. A short chapter, or I’m just imagining things. Also about the rankings, there isn’t any S-rank. After king its emperor and then God rank. I minor error, though I don’t know about adventurers ranking.
6/11 c40 Knighthunter911700
Damn, what a chapter. Absolutely unbelievable. I normally write a review for every chapter I read but I’m so hooked that I can’t stop reading.

Paul obviously doesn’t know everything and so he makes assumptions. I like that, other authors just make it so all the characters know what everyone is doing.

I can’t wait for the Eris arc to beginning. Till next chapter.
6/7 c15 Knighthunter911700
Hahahahahahaha, fantastic. Sensational. This chapter was straight up funny. A classic anime scene that I will never get tired of.
6/3 c36 Darkvandor
Definitely not liking the sloppy seconds after scumbag father. Leave the spoiled meat to the jackal.
5/29 c46 ortunorube16
Dude when are you going to update the fanfic. please update
5/26 c4 M1stymix
you could always go for the famous Einstein mass energy formula to get the explosion you want lol
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