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for Mushoku Tensei: Moving Forward

17h c24 Silverwingzz
Seems more slice of life than the actual story, could be better. It’s also kinda slow.
17h c24 shootdamit
I love how fast you shell out such quality. Always brightens my day
1/31 c18 7StoryReiter
Yeah, this is an issue in hindsight. Rudeus's magic touch of healing increases arousal or invokes something close to it in terms of pleasantness. I thought it as a partial gag really. Alongside her perception that Rudeus is simply a boy which he technically IS. Truly love their dynamic as someone close. Lillia can now learna and improve her swordsmanship at the rate things are going. Adventurer badass maid Lillia when? The overly prepped meido with hidden knives, weapons and implements.
Thank you for this story, take care, have a good day and God bless you author.
1/31 c24 StoryReiter
Yeah, NO. You made this ride, I will await and read it till completion. This is easier to 100% than games you know.
Paul is ominous. Your author's note even more so. Or am I reading to much into it?
They were just getting closer to. IS THAT IT?!
UGH. You can get better, you DID get better so I have some hopes.
Its amazing in context after a few rereads how passing Zenith's mention from Rudy's POV. Until Lillia coaxed Rudy to connect. He also had that guilt complex of not being their 'true' child. Really sad for Zenith though. She's been through a lot. Happy to say she'll have the fun and opportunity raising the Norn.
Good for Paul that he has inclinations to be caring and considerate if that is how Paul met Zenith before. Then again, Ghylsaine/Ghislaine and Lillia got assaulted by the guy during his immature phase to put it lightly. Yup, I theorized Paul recruited the cat girl to deport Rudy. Only way I can think of for him to truly be successful. Because if I was in Rudy's place some animosity will spill reagrdless of his best efforts unlike what happened to canon. The wound is still to raw so to speak. But this is still a theory.
Thank you for the quick update and looking forward to more. Take care, have a good day and God bless you, author.
1/31 c24 Duoliss
Glad we're getting more POVs
1/27 c23 Duoliss
The ending scene is so adorable lol
1/26 c22 Shifuru
Well, this is disappointing. There goes my hope for Lilia to get saved, a chance for it to go a different route from canon, by the current Rudeus from her rapist. I mean some things did change, but not in the way I would find it satisfactory.
1/26 c23 4GMotW - The Author
Well, so far it seems like things are getting better. At least Rudeus and Zenith are on speaking terms with Lilia and won't throw her away but it's good that the Paul issue has been addressed.

It would be a great disservice and a betrayal of the higher order if Lilia were to become Paul's wife, lover or whatever.

Isekai Man again being the good man he is, making sure his mom has emotional support for the upcoming days of the pregnancy. Can't say I disagree with his reasoning given how much care Zenith needs.

Him chosing not to meet Eris might sound cold and callous but he isn't wrong to look for his family and the people of the village.

Then we got Sylphy issue... yeah, I think things are not gonna follow the script you got for this, Rudy. Most likely, her father is gonna play the idiotic ball and forcibly make them spend less time together, then there are gonna be misunderstanding and it could give Paul the perfect excuse to send him away.

Rudeus isn't exactly in the best position to make demands since he is a "Child" and the adults would surely fuck his plan up.
1/25 c23 teguhbnn80
I will be disappointed if I don't see (at least one) oyakodon scene between Rudy, Lilia and Aisha in this story
1/25 c23 7StoryReiter
Man, thats cold Rudy. Then again, he has not bonded with his father's extended family and the village is the only place his hand can realistically save and reach. Here's to thinking how alike he and Lillia were. The mindset of making sure the one who has an interest on them finds another. Not that there is anything wrong, in fact I approve of Rudeus not doing anything drastic with his current mental state. The sad thing is, Paul only took notice of Lillia because Rudy took care of her and made her bloom as they took care of one another. I honestly hope Lillia is in a better place rather than worse. Knowing she has value and worthy of care as a person but being aware of such things while being in her position could be obnoxiously painful.. Sylphy, I have a feeling if things go this route, Laws might object and strap them to canon rails. Rudy will not go down without a fight. He would need a good reason not to if Paul were to enforce it.
As for Zenith, yeah, she does need the company. Lillia will also give birth. Paul also suspect Rudues having NTR magoc hands. Stay strong Isekai Man. This is painful to wait for. The down time is appreciated after such an emotional high.
Thank you for the update, take care and have a good day author. God bless you.
1/25 c23 RimuruSlyme
fuck lilia and paul
1/24 c19 StoryReiter
Yeah, this halycon days. The teleportation incident feels like it will hit harder. I grew to enjoy how you show them interact with each other. As of this chapter, I love how the family dynamics go.
As for the music suggestion, author, well, Hotaru by Fujita Maiko. Latest chapter slaps hard.
Thanks once again, take care always and have a good day author. God bless you.
1/24 c22 StoryReiter
So canon still happens. Outwardly. The gears do not mesh as they did. This world is a bit more cruel than ours. At most, more blatant about it. Confusion truly does set in and I can see Lillia truly do this. Its possible Lillia says she loves Rudy then there and there is hope of restoration happening but... both are hurt and she did it of her own volition not knowing better. Paul already laid his claim and has more pull. It could work between Lillia and Paul but it leaves a bad taste on my mouth. Lillia would forever keep that bitterness within her heart. This is worse than Rudeus's ED in canon. Probably worse than what happened in canon to the family in some case.
For Lillia, only to be saved yet missing the mark. She did not reach back early enough. Same old story for her past. For her to realize that Paul did not truly care and love her as Rudeus did. Living separately would be bad for the kid as said. Yeah. I respect you for being a bigger man Rudeus. Here's to hoping she still finds happiness. You too.
Take care author. And God bless you. Thank you for this story and looking forward to more. Time to move forward.
There is a time for everything. A time to love and a time to hate. A time to kill and a time to heal.
Theyre all going to need healing. I guess Paul truly does have a reason to send him away.
1/23 c22 RimuruSlyme
Fuck lilia
1/23 c22 4GMotW - The Author
Oh man. That's really sad but I guess it can't be helped. The only thing they can do is to heal and find a way to coexist peaceful.

From what I can see, it wouldn't be surprising if Rudeus adopts a training freak mindset and embrace the grinding philosophy for self-improvement. After all, the main issue he has is that it's always someone stronger who takes what he loves away.

The experience hurt him but it taught him a lesson: "If you don't want to make a fool of yourself then be sure to leave a strong impression on others. Don't let others, especially morally dubious adults, see a child but THE MAN."
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