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for Mushoku Tensei: Moving Forward

3/8 c15 Guest
As soon as I saw the law pov I said "ah. Hes fucked"
3/7 c28 8StoryReiter
Naming chapters... I guess a theme that encompasses it as a name. I guess its a good thing for suspense? I dont like that though.
Things are looking good. That blob of Mana on the Asura Kingdom seems kinda sus though as time comes closer either Rudy is forced to remember and do something for his peace of mind or it slips his mind after all these years.
I like the way Rudy focuses on things and he seems more personal person rather than one who tries to look to the future in Macro as some self inserts are. He's living at the moment with his loved ones.
Wonder what story you'll pick. This will be something to see. If there is one thing otakus or weebs are a consumer of it would be Stories. Hoping it ends well.
I have a feeling Zenith is seeking platonic affection and interaction with people. Rudy is the only, "safe" outlet. Good thing the get together is around.
Ninja Meido is a thing now. Fuhahaha good, good, let the love flow through you. This is the will of Stein's Gate.
A good snapshot from the outside form Sylphy's mom. Funny how the marriage seems to be a forgone conclusion. Sylphy knew Rudeus was interested in someone. I think.
Paul's genes are terrifying. Must be the handsome face. Coupled with earnest good will and you got a killer smile.
Things are still healing from the hurt. Im getting a bit partial on whether harems will be a thing or not.
Zenith here and Rudy's experience seem to put things in perspective to me. Either way its up to you. I root for what seems natural to the flow you are writing it to.
Thanks for the chapter, take care, God bless you in Jesus Christ's name and looking forward to more.
3/7 c28 teguhbnn80
Don't give up Rudy, keep trying to repair the broken friendship between Lilia and Zenith!
3/7 c28 dickmoney
good chapter
3/5 c27 Adol116
Interesting stories looking forward to where it goes
3/1 c1 Asura
3/1 c27 Author loser
the story moves very slowly. the mc is even more of a loser than the original MC. in this chapter the real rudeus has met eris. well the MC must be a loser otaku inspired by the author. Obese otaku boy with Lilia hahahah
3/3 c27 lordhermod
Ya me dejastes con la duda de que pasara en esos 2 capitulos en adelante :O
Gracias por el DLC de mushoku tensei xD
2/28 c27 Anonimus
This is incredible
3/1 c1 Ryan Pratama Putra
the story moves very slowly. the mc is even more of a loser than the original MC. in this chapter the real rudeus has met eris. well the MC must be a loser otaku inspired by the author. You should be more concerned with plot than slyphy and Lilia. it's disgusting just like you
2/28 c27 StoryReiter
Syphy, no, just... You need to... Maybe a magicless massage will do? Your grandma has room to worry now. Her grandmama. Oh wow, now Laws truly does have reason to worry in hindsight.
Someone needs to tell to Rudy what his magic hands does to people.

That's a thorn out. To those two, and his mother, Ill wait.
Yeah, Lilia his first and closest friend and confidant. Coming to an understanding is good. Honestly reciprocated care and understanding is quite intimate and liberating. Man, oh man, with that my heavy heart has been lightened. Regardless of what happened consider that baggage taken care of. No tragic lovers BS or Lilia settling for second best/worse. Regrets often come in between those who are truly close. Whether family, lovers or friends. Things unsaid or unclear, a fight that is painful. This is great. Most than what people came to be and have after such a friction in real life or even in fiction. Thank you for this author. Truly thank you.

Laws is just your stereotypical petty father. Trust me, I do not have a child yet I can already see myself being this petty. If you cannot put up with this, you are not worthy of my daughter schtick.
Huh, ARE YOU TELLING ME MY ADORABLE DAUGHTER ISNT WORTH THIS MUCH? Then give her back to me to spoil with her mother and stay away. That's fine too.
Of course there are limits but... eh? *shrugs*
For Zenith, yeah... I would love for these days to continue the Mana teleportation incident deserves to be stopped. Not that there is a feasible way to do so.
Hitogami was sort of a bastard or rather the colateral to him being alive is BS.
As for Paul... Happy wife, happy life. Hope you repent for your actions and turn around.
Zenith is quite the jackpot as Rudy and the readers noticed. Also Norn and Aisha are cute you know?
Thank you for the consistent update as always, take care and have a good day, author. God bless you, author. Looking forward to it and more.
2/28 c27 TheCynicalCriticfromWtP
Beautifully written, absolutely immaculate wholesome times
2/28 c27 MairoGleon
Man, I really dig this messed up family dynamic, it's just feels so good to read.
2/28 c27 teguhbnn80
For a moment I thought this story was dropped due to no updates, so glad I was wrong
2/28 c27 shootdamit
For the coming conflict, i am excited to see how paul will take his anger out on rudy, and how rudy will handle it
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