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for Edward’s Human

2/27 c16 redhotlady7552
Alice has Charlie. She's pissed off, that Jasper found his mate in Bella. If you do ever update, could you add more substance? So far, it's a giant smut fest. Lol! I'm no prude, but let's see a good show of what happens with Alice.
1/30 c16 southersaga
It was Alice wasn’t it?
1/7 c1 Guest
Lov this jasper please write more
11/28/2023 c1 grumpieroldman
love both your stories and hope for updates to both
11/4/2023 c16 Roleplaying.queen
10/20/2023 c16 Smurf
I hope we get update soon and another to post is archive of our
7/22/2023 c16 Rome4
please, please share an update.
6/29/2023 c16 Guest
Please update! I wanna know what happens with Charlie, and Bella's change.
6/29/2023 c3 Guest
Edward in a unitard is a very funny thought! Lol! I pictured that, and cracked up!
6/22/2023 c16 1triinityz
Oh man. ok, here's my guess, alice. she grabbed charlie. either because she actually cared or because she wants revenge. either way, it's gotta be her. it's been a while since you've updated, i'm glad i found this story but STILL write faster! :)
4/7/2023 c16 NaiaLune
Oh no you don’t! You get back here and give us more chapters! Pretty please? This is such a good fic!
3/16/2023 c16 Guest
Well this has been quite the joy ride! Hope you update soon.
3/13/2023 c16 Guest
Wow that was a wild fest!
1/29/2023 c16 9VeldanTwilight
Oh boy...
1/27/2023 c16 1My Eyez Are Watching Everyone
great chapter
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