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for Hayasaka: Love is a Mission!

7/30 c3 Guest
This is absolutely terrific. Your writing is amazing, and the way you keep the story filled with fun little lines is so nice. It makes me feel like I'm watching the anime again. I always wanted to see a Hayasaka love story. I look forward to more.
7/16 c3 Raiden Fluk
I want to read. The next part of this story please come back.
6/20 c3 lycnt
Damn, pretty good! Keep writing whenever possible, author, we appreciate it.
6/14 c3 Sagiri D Goku
I feel like I’ve literally just read a real Kaguya-sama manga chapter. This whole story is fantastic.

And Hayasaka best girl!’
6/10 c1 IC-008
Love this story! Really liked the comedic tone, makes it really similar to the Anime
4/30 c3 ForgeDConvictioN
YES you’re going to delve into shirogane’s history with his Mom. From what I’ve seen of the anime they don’t touch what should honestly be a pretty big aspect of him. He was abandoned.
4/29 c1 ForgeDConvictioN
THANK Goodness someone who can write art!
4/25 c3 1MrAwesome8
Can't wait to see how this develops :D
4/24 c3 Axel363402
I'm loving this.
4/22 c3 4L 2207
Thanks for continuing this story, I like the main couple of Kaguya and Miyuki but Hayasaka always made me curious what he would do in a relationship. I hope to read more soon.
4/19 c3 MC91
Nice chapter! It feels good to see Hayasaka getting some high school romance like she wanted, even if it all is kinda fake
4/18 c3 The Shadowman
Love is so much! I can hear the narrator so easily from your writting.
4/18 c3 maykel2003
Thanks for the chapter
4/18 c3 Fuck Names
A chapter after over six months. Salvation. I do like the comedic tone you're going for but I do wish this was a bit more serious as well, in regards to their feelings like it was at the end of the chapter. It seems like you're overly trying to write this like how the anime works. The story can be different from the anime, ya know? Anyways, cya on the next chapter.
4/18 c3 1Crusada de Lata
Great as always btw!
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