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for A Vampire's Blood Rose

4/17/2023 c2 jackchamba4
I love this, a vampire and the nun fall in love with each other, but there other refuse to for them to be together. I hope you can continue next chapter. Please update.
9/22/2022 c2 Shadow
Love it, wonder we meet yusei friends who a vampires jack and crow. I a huge fan of yusei and akiza. Update when you can.
9/13/2022 c2 Shu
This is a amazing story, I hope you will continue this story, by the way I love the story of yu-gi-oh 5d's star in darkness, when you going to continue that story.
9/10/2022 c2 22poetrymagic12
Naturally Divine would be the antagonist in the story..he always has to be. I mean is Aki part of his plans...and he hates the vampire for ruining things...especially since Aki is a 'nun'...what is his plan?

Yusei and Aki officially meeting..and they're already attracted to each other. You can only imagine an almost kiss could happen at some point but their interrupted...just because their so drawn to each other. Or Aki feels it's wrong because she's a 'nun'...

Can't wait to read more! Update soon!
9/10/2022 c2 Jessica
I am In love this story, yusei as vampire and akiza as nun is perfect. Hopefully we meet others yusei friends as vampire or wolves.
9/8/2022 c2 Valt
It amazing, I going to love this story hopefully you keep update next chapter. I wonder who that women who saw yusei carrying aki in her room that last night in chapter 1.
9/3/2022 c1 poetrymagic12
This is very interesting. Especially since Aki's a nun...I mean it's fanfiction so you can do things anyway you want...she wouldn't be one anymore as she falls for Yusei. Basically given it a nun, wouldn't she not supposed to fall in love or be intimate...?

I really want to know more that happens. It's really good!

I don't know if you read my YuseixAki story Devil's Deal...I know I need to update but no one had been would mean a lot if you can. There was a new one I wanted to write too.

Update soon!
9/2/2022 c1 chiripa012
It amazing chapter. Hopefully you would update next chapter.

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