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3/22 c9 7Missela
Oh dear, poor Allie, poor Nathan. It was a long day.
I hope he didn't damage his arm more with the smoke. I'm glad Carson is on his way to check him out.

I'm glad Elizabeth did well for the afternoon. What a rock Florence has become. A steady, dependable help. Someone who understands the loss she's experiencing.
3/21 c9 4heather4cu
Oh gosh how heartbreaking. Poor Nathan just can't catch a break. At least Allie stayed near him.
3/20 c9 Ann Power-Wolfe
God bless Nathan and Allie! I will be waiting and watching for the next chapters!
3/19 c9 5FnficJunkie
Well this ended with such a tender moment between uncle and niece. I wouldn’t have considered burnt supper to be bonding, but I’m glad that they had each other.

I feel like we can see Nathan’s growth in parenting already. It’s a hard road to parent while grieving & I’m glad that Abigail reminded him that it’s all trial & error.

Tough chapter for both Nathan and Allie, but I love that they are finding their way together.

I thought it was really sweet the way the students hugged Elizabeth and were on their best behavior. I also liked Nathan’s approach to have Allie illustrate the math problem. I have a feeling Elizabeth would approve…I know it would accept it as an answer.
3/19 c9 20elizabethB88
Wow, Nathan definitely has a lot of healing to do if it hurts to write after a while. I'm glad he's learning to take things slow and be patient with the process, even if he's chomping at the bit to be better. Bill displaying a "gruff love" is the perfect descriptor for how he does things! I love that. It was sweet of him to bring a sandwich and some apples to Nathan, though his "don't get used to it" comment made me laugh. Bill is a big softie under that gruff exterior. I also laughed when he instructed Nathan to visit Newton but not to ride him. Even though Nathan had been thinking about saddling up, it's a good thing he decided not to after realizing how much healing his shoulder still has to do. I'll bet the horse will be happy to see him.

Ha! Even Abigail is lecturing him on the importance of eating. Good. If he can't remember to get sustenance, it'll be good that he gets it from others. Looks like Allie is having a hard day again. Poor girl. She must really miss her grandma. Either that or she's terrified that Nathan will be taken from her as well. I like that he redirected her with an acceptable solution to her math problems. That was a good parenting moment. I like that Abigail acknowledged that. It sounds like Nathan has gone through some trial and error in figuring out how best to handle Allie. It's good that he has another parent to talk to and confide in. He's learning to build trust with his niece, even if it's difficult. It's nice that we see Allie cooperated and solved the problem through a picture - and I'm with Nathan; if the problem is solved, who cares how it's done? Pictures work just as well as numbers or words, in my opinion. I might have laughed again a little earlier in the section when Abigail mentioned their Mountie pacing in the streets, like he was confined there. Amusing visual.

I'm not surprised the first day back is a bit hard on Elizabeth, especially since that's where she learned about Jack's death. It's sweet that the children were all excited to see her and gave her cards. I liked that Cody stayed behind to tell her he was glad she was back. Children can be such a balm to the heart in their sweetness and innocence. But it looks like the empty classroom is not so good for Elizabeth, bringing back memories of Jack being gone and Nathan telling her. And she only now realizes Allie is not in school. Oh, and she's not alone. Florence is still around, and good thing too. It sounds like Elizabeth needed someone to talk to. Florence isn't just a friend, she can empathize with Elizabeth. Good point that the mine whistle would have triggered memories. I can imagine that would have been very hard. I'm glad Florence shared that with Elizabeth, while letting her know it gets better with time, even though neither of them will forget their late husbands. I liked the transition to talking about Allie and how she did in her previous school, and how Florence is giving her some things to work on until Nathan is ready to send her to a (stable) school. It's good that Elizabeth is understanding of Allie's circumstances. Her last teacher sounds like a piece of work. Something tells me Elizabeth will be good for Allie, once she's able to be in the classroom full time again. I like that she ends the day by going to Jack's grave again for another talk. She's processing things and grieving. That will help with her healing.

Sheesh. If it's not one thing, it's another for Nathan and Allie! On the one hand, I feel bad for Nathan when Allie gets set off and he has no clue why. On the other, I feel for Allie as she's lost the people closest to her in her life. I like that Nathan gives her some time, preparing dinner before going up to see what's going on. But my word, when Allie said what she did, about how if Nathan had died instead of Dylan she would have her father to teach her to ride, I felt that shot to the heart. Obviously she didn't mean that she wanted Nathan dead, but that had to have hurt badly, even with his understanding of what she was feeling. I wonder how he's going to help Allie process her grief. It seems like both of them need to process some more, if their individual breakdowns are any indication. It's good that Allie goes to Nathan for comfort, though, showing that her words were out of grief and not any true sense of wanting him out of her life. But then he falls asleep and the house is full of smoke - yeah, that would be terrifying. And Allie's terror only grows when she thinks she could lose Nathan too. Yikes. That little scene with her wrapping her arms around him and saying she can't lose him too was so poignant. She does truly love him. I'm glad Nathan was able to get the roast out and then get out of the house with the help of his neighbors. And I like that the sections ends with Nathan holding her once more, even though he's fighting for breath. Yes, Allie definitely needed that comfort. So did Nathan.

Have I mentioned that this story has been hard to read with all the grief? But it's so good, and I know the joy will be much better because of the sorrow and pain that the characters are currently dealing with. Great job.
3/19 c9 8K8eSunbug
Awww... I hate seeing Nathan and Allie struggling so much. (and I know she didn't mean it, but that comment about wishing Nathan had died instead of her father... ouch!) Glad their neighbors were ready to help when dinner went up on smoke.

It's hard to see Elizabeth struggling as well. Obviously being back in the school that Jack built for her would be next to impossible. So glad she had Florence there to help her realize that grieving is a process, and an unpredictable one at that.

Hope things start getting better for all of them.
3/19 c9 Guest
So sad for Nathan when Allie said she would rather have her parents than Nathan.
3/18 c9 Heartie Observer
I loved this chapter! Can't wait for more!
3/18 c9 SaSeLi777
Wow! Poor babies… both Nathan and Allie. They are grieving sooo much! Glad the neighbors came to help.

Florence has been a good friend to Elizabeth. And now she’s helping Allie with her school work. That is wonderful.

Best wishes of that chapter where the muse is playing with your mind! Chuckles!
3/12 c8 7Missela
Sneaky recognition. The only way with Nathan, for now. I think with the support of his wife he would more easily endure these situations. He did well with Elizabeth there. They seem to silently support each other. Or at least are aware of each other. Corporal. Hmm... he's still a Mountie though. Mountie Nathan.

I'm glad that Elizabeth has Clara and her experience with the loss of her husband. I'm glad she has Jack's letter and the possible pregnancy to encourage her to go on and live life instead of doing what she feels like: curling up in a ball and giving up on life.
3/11 c8 20elizabethB88
Good thing Hope Valley has a good doctor in town! I'm glad Nathan is able to get care from Carson. It sounds like that shoulder is going to take some time to fully recover. It's going to be a pain for Nathan to have to modify his everyday activities, but at least he'll be healing and getting stronger all the time. It must gall him not to be able to ride Newton. Heck, it must gall not to be able to do most everyday activities. But it's good he's following directions and making sure he does what is necessary to get better. In the long run, he'll be grateful for a full healing.

I like that Frank is the one to get Nathan to come into the saloon. Then the fact that Lee gave the speech was very touching. I was tearing up, both because the saloon was packing in the middle of a workday with people coming to celebrate Nathan, and because of the kind words Lee spoke. I might have laughed when Frank "cut off" Nathan's escape in the beginning, and Bill told him not to even think about running when he got to the front of the room. Nice moments of levity. It would seem the town has fully accepted Nathan into their midst. This whole scene was beautiful. The fact that Elizabeth was the one to pin the medal on Nathan's uniform spoke volumes. I think that's exactly what Jack would have wanted. It shows a bit of healing for her, and it shows that she and Nathan are finding some footing as friends. Very nice. I'm not surprised Elizabeth left shortly after. She must be feeling all the emotions, but the fact that she came and then was the one to give him the medal was huge. I like that he acknowledged the fact that receiving the medal from her hands meant a lot.

Ahh. Yes, Elizabeth is feeling all the emotions. I think it's appropriate that she went to Jack's grave right after the ceremony. It's a good place for her to talk through and process her feelings. I loved hearing her words to Jack. They were open and honest, and I think that will help her continue healing, even if she wishes Jack could be there still. The prospect of becoming a single mother would be very scary. The fact that she always envisioned him by her side as they raised children makes it even more so. Even so, I really like that Elizabeth knows she needs to live her life. Returning to the classroom is a good start. It's great that she's planning on coming back to the graveyard afterward.

This was another good chapter. I enjoyed it.
3/10 c8 Guest
Such a touching chapter.
3/10 c8 4heather4cu
I am glad Nathan was recognized and Elizabeth was there to support him and give him his medal. Also glad to see her actually grieving Jack. The wheels seem to be getting set in motion for what I think is going to happen.
3/10 c8 Margaret Redmon
Great chapter. How impressive that Nathan was given the medal and a promotion. He is such a humble man wanting no recognition for anything he does. Elizabeth is scared because of what she knows is ahead of her. She wanted a family, but she wanted that family with Jack by her side. Great writing!
3/10 c8 SaSeLi777
Very touching chapter in so many ways!
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