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11/21 c3 Guest
I hope you're still alive cause I love this fic.
10/23 c3 Guest
This is really good, I hope you continue this.
10/10 c2 1Metricspace
good to see his personality changes
10/10 c1 Metricspace
nice setup
10/9 c3 Metricspace
Great so far, please update I can get enough of dis
10/6 c3 LightningStrife
Sorry to double post but I forgot to say besides that I love what you are doing hope you keep it up
10/6 c3 LightningStrife
Now I am curious on how you would do it, I would like to see well executed Leaf Temari. I seen it done many ways before but not usual well. Though unlike a lot of fan fictions you seem to take the characters as people into account instead of just using the same old fannon tropes and forcing them in story holes without taking the character into account which can come of weird. Yeah I agree about Karin I actually can't stand her but I am just trying to think of girl that synthesis of Naruto and Minato would like. Also it's always cool seeing good fanfiction writer bringing life to 2d characters such as Karin I just hate seeing wasted potential of character like her I mean she has decent backstory to be good character but sadly she wasn't.

What's your thoughts about Hana Kiba older sister I think she's older by five years then them would she fit your profile.

Out of curiosity what is your thoughts on making OC love interest instead of using pre existing characters I know some fan fictions writers hate it but if done well it can add to the story although I think it's one of the harder ways because you have to make the character from scratch.

Now on to the chapter. I like the flash back he got to the night he was born really cool how you gave him some copping mechanisms from his dad to deal with his trauma. I like that he got dejva from Sasuke because of his dad. As always love how you present sealing in this fanfiction. Only thing I was bit iffy was on his reaction on Sakura I would have thought as ex teacher and hokage he would be interested on how could help Sakura become useful with both Naruto and Minato being a huge believers of the will of fire, I mean Obito was a pretty bad ninja as kid but I felt like Minato was always supportive of him so to him write her off was odd to me but I suppose it could be because of his lack rest and dreams making him more irritatable. Other thing was his reaction to Kakashi I know he has seen him already but I thought his mind would linger more on the person he feels like he raised may be even gain misplaced sense of guilt due to Minato with him mimicking his first dead teammate.
10/5 c3 common man
nice chapter, liked the portrayal of Minato ! Also it would be great if instead of jutsu, it was Minato's tactical prowess that bleeds into Naruto's fighting style and strategy !
9/21 c2 2Myfanfix
ooooooooooo... This is looking really good. I like it a lot so far, keep it up. I look forward to reading more.
9/18 c2 LightningStrife
I like the thought process shown in this chapter it remind me of the arguments about muscle cars vs energy efficient cars. I also like how Naruto and Minato is slowing become interchangeable although I wonder if Naruto's unpredictable nature would help with Minato methodological approach to justu creation or if it will hurt him.

Wouldn't Temari be a person of different village unless the butterfly effect changes it so she becomes a citizen of Konoha. So with Temari being in the picture it means age difference of year or two is fine. What about Karin Uzumaki we know that Minato and Naruto have a thing about bright hair girls that have an intellect that is well above average and are not afraid to express about how they feel. I think the first time she as character exists to interact with Team 7 is during the exams as Kusagakure team member but Sasuke saves her form a super bear or something but you can easily change it to have Naruto/Minato save her. With Naruto forgetting about it with everything on his mind right now and dealing with Orochimaru and the invasion but for her to show back up during Shippuden as love interest then.
9/16 c2 cixelsyd758
Please keep posting
9/16 c2 Darth Kyuubi kurama
Please continue
9/16 c2 Eduardo Salazar
Es genial no esperaba una actualizaciĆ³n en el corto plazo, me encanta el rumbo que tiene por delante!
9/7 c1 LightningStrife
I think that him going after anyone as pairing right now would be strange due to him try figure out who he is and he is going to need time to morn the death Kushina. Even if he didn't I am not sure if I would be comfortable with the idea of older women get together with him who looks like a twelve/thirteen year kid. Although I could see by time skip I could see him be open to go after someone which since every one in the his age group would sixteen or older I wouldn't find it bad and sixteen and older women is not sick to me either so by time skip I think that's when romance should be added. Now for would vote for it would be Sakura. I would think that past Naruto love for Sakura and Minato's like for fiery tempered and red/pink hair girls would make them amiable to an Older Sakura especially once she has matured as a person. But pre time skip I just do not see him going after anyone with what is on his mind.
My thoughts on the other possible pairings

Kurenai- longstanding relationship with Asuma although kept on the down low. Unlikely to find a Naruto attractive due to her long term relationship and her knowledge of her surrogate younger sister Hinata crush on him.

Tsunade - Jiraiya sensei long term love of his life. Just don't see him going after her.

Shizune - maybe but unlikely I just don't see their personality clicking maybe for something casual. Although like anything with good writing it could be possible.

Anko- I doubt she would want to bring someone into her baggage due to her sensei fucking her over and the serious trust issues she would have. I would take extremely good writing to make that one work as most I have read with her are awful.

Foreign ninja- just not possible not idealistic enough to get attached to them like pure Naruto would. He would see them information threat to his village ex-hokage paranoia/experience talking or worse unless he got them to defected to Konoha. I just see his bias making it impossible.

I am sure their are other people he could be paired with that I forgot but I just wanted sure my Ideas about the pairings. I like the premise of this story and enjoyed your writing of it keep it up.
9/5 c1 Corvus Black
Oh man, I'm so hyped you went ahead with this story. I was part of the Reddit thread where you brought this up so you can check out my thoughts on pairings there. You've picked a perfect time for the amalgamation to take place. Any mishaps like the tree slip can be passed off as Naruto just learning to control his chakra. From here he'll be labelled a prodigy at it as he progresses. I don't see him holding back. Naruto doesn't wear a jumpsuit though. It's a tracksuit. A few typos as well. I'll PM you.
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