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3/14 c8 3Vein Bloodborne
Question: when will you introduce the world of The Boys to the nigh unstoppable Cannonbolt?
3/6 c1 1rednumber39
I wouldn’t listen to the wiki on XLR8’s speed since he’s been shown to move faster than the eye can track as if time was frozen that is way above from what his wiki said also great story
3/5 c5 Silverwingzz
Not gonna mention much else since most of the chapter wasn’t that bad. What I will mention is that Xrl8 top speed is 888 mph but at that speed he’s literally struggling to maintain that. You can’t just increase his speed cause he’s Ben 10, like that’s an actual reason to do that. Dudes only 10 years old, and we know for a fact that his aliens reflect his actual body somewhat. Also dodging lighting doesn’t mean you’re as fast as lighting, just means your reaction speed is crazy good. There are many characters in a number of different shows that have dodged things that are crazy fast but aren’t that fast themselves. Also why do you keep on adding aliens from his verse, makes no sense to keep adding them when they’re literally in another universe.
3/3 c8 Speed Reader
Fantastic chapter, excellent story. While I have some doubts as to the truthfulness of Max's death, Edgar's backstory is very interesting
2/27 c8 Hero of Heroes
When Vilgax shows up, I hope that Webweaver and the others team up with Ben again.

By the way, will any other of Ben’s enemies find their way in Boys universe?
Like Animo, Charmcaster, Rojo, or Zombozo?
2/27 c8 Question Dude
Does Ben still have Ghostfreak in the Omnitrix?

What about the additional aliens? Will they get unlocked soon? Will the Boys and girls help him in naming them?
2/27 c8 Sci-fi FREAK
I feel like Ben and Butcher are getting along really well. I wonder if Butcher is starting to see Ben as his own kid?

In fact, when Vilgax finally shows up, if he returns Ben to human for the world to see that then starts attacking him; I could see Butcher coming in with a giant gun in hand and he says to the galactic conqueror, “Get your claws off my kid, Hentai Face!”
2/26 c8 JPCats21
Found it! 271205 27th of December, 2005. When the first Ben 10 episode aired.
2/26 c8 Guest
I wonder how legend or Mallory react to Ben’s presence, maybe even with the Omnitrix. That would explain Wraith or the chips on this Earth, too. Because maybe there are aliens, real extraterrestrials on the very soil itself.
2/25 c8 Guest
Bacana que tu voltou a postar. O Ben vai desbloquear algum alien novo?
2/24 c8 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Great updating here, and nice scenes with all the characters.

Keep the good writing.
2/24 c8 25DinoZillaPrime
Awesome man.
2/24 c8 Guest
great story may Jack form Jupiter spend many years in pain also good for Ben's unofficial teammates
2/24 c8 Daua002
Is the wrech max
2/24 c8 8Jebest4781
Looks great on how this was done. Will wonder what’ll occur next in this.
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