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for Blue-Blooded Castle

1/30/2023 c12 19wendykw
I still find this story fascinating, as well as being educational. I've always loved stories that have Rick as a smart, accomplished guy.
1/21/2023 c11 dansfanfic5555
cant wait for more
1/5/2023 c11 scorpio38457
Really enjoying your story. Its great to see Castle not being a rug that people walk all over.
12/30/2022 c11 3RCKBNFSK
An interesting, well researched and well written chapter. Fascinating historical references. Nice theory about LokSat's possible motivations. An enjoyable and complex father/son dynamic.

One question: Kate?
12/27/2022 c11 iHaz
Lucifer (Iblees or Shaitaan, as he is known in the Qur'an) was never an angel according to the Islamic tradition. He is from the 'Jinn', a creation made from smokeless fire unlike angels who are made from light. According to the Islamic tradition, angels don't have freewill and is incapable of rebellion. They simply do as they are told but that doesn't mean they can't speak their mindthey are not robots. Humans and Jinn are the only 2 beings, that we are made aware of at least by God, who possess the capacity to either submit their will to God or rebel against Him. They can choose to do whatever they want, but will be questioned and judged about it all in the hereafter.

Iblees failed to follow a direct command of God, which all the angels followed in an instance, thus becoming the accursed devil aka Shaitaan (Satan).

Kindly avoid including any misinformation. Thanks.
12/26/2022 c11 JAG'ed Bones in the Casckett
another strong chapter would have liked to see a little more of what was going on off the plan but good chapter, it felt like you were getting a lot of heavy lifting out of the way.
12/26/2022 c11 Manxkid
I found this chapter extremely interesting from a historical point of view- thank you.
12/26/2022 c11 MrsChabie
You capture Castle's tough side (masculine and ruthless) very well! I always love reading this! Merry Christmas!
12/25/2022 c11 70TankW1
An interesting chapter as an intelligence history lesson, but might be considered over kill just to provide a means for Castle to 'show off'.

stay safe
12/25/2022 c11 9codedriver
thanks for the Christmas part, and have a great holiday
12/24/2022 c11 cabreradepartamento
First of all, a very Merry Christmas and you are really making it difficult for the detective to keep up with the writer's rhythm because at this rate, not even as an assistant does she measure is emerging as the executing fist of the commissioner and successor and you could create a whole saga of the new deputy commissioner with his brother, for sure it would be epic of course, his poor prosecutor sister would end up with gray hair because that appr would efficiently catch everyone who wanted will cross, skipping all the rules, but without the defense or the prosecutor being able to prove something inappropriate. If the detective can continue, she would have to face the ladies of the clan who would make the rules very clear and remember that they can bury someone and nobody finds them.
12/24/2022 c11 19wendykw
I enjoyed the history lesson laced with philosophical musings. I'm old enough to remember some of that stuff. It reminded me of my 1st late hubby's stepfather and his Green Beret buddies bitching and bragging about things in Nam, while they sat around the pool in the backyard. Politics and coverups. That was in the early 70s.
I enjoy stories where Rick isn't hiding his intellect from everybody. Thanks for another chapter. Happy New Year.
12/21/2022 c10 dan.lew.upg
Can't wait for more
12/17/2022 c10 75pampilot67
I like your story but you spend a lot of time explaining the chapter and what you got each part of it from
12/17/2022 c6 pampilot67
One ting in your speach you said at the time we were about to get a screeming blond as a president, what we got was a nut case was it better?
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