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12/21/2022 c10 dan.lew.upg
Can't wait for more
12/17/2022 c10 75pampilot67
I like your story but you spend a lot of time explaining the chapter and what you got each part of it from
12/17/2022 c6 pampilot67
One ting in your speach you said at the time we were about to get a screeming blond as a president, what we got was a nut case was it better?
12/10/2022 c10 tallcajun
In the canon, Castle was exploited and mistreated by most characters. Thx for putting him in charge of his life and power to control his turf.
12/10/2022 c10 gafling
"... a detective with Mommy issues." - heh-heh, jolly good crack.

No anger here about such commentary. It is usually spot on. As I have mentioned in comments on other stories in RL a smart, good-looking, well-heeled single man about town would not have put up with Beckett's crap for very long. She would have been shown the door before the end of S2 if that long. But of course portraying Rick as a simpering, clueless puppy was the only way to get past S2.
12/9/2022 c10 JAG'ed Bones in the Casckett
another great chapter in a wonderful story. It is always such a treat to find a new chapter in this story waiting for me. Keep up the Amazing work!
12/8/2022 c10 mavadothewolf
Reading the story and seeing that this version of Richard Castle is very close to being a complete Mary Sue, makes one wonder if Castle really needed Kate to not only be his romantic partner, partner-in-crime, but also as the muse he loved. will save you from your writer's block at the start of the series.
It may be that what Diana said sounds rude, but she did tell him the truth that no one had the courage to tell him in the series about how she justified her bad decisions with the death of her Her mother, while Kate is still in Wonderland and still doesn't realize the mistake she made.
12/8/2022 c10 Treashuntr
“AF is having problems with their fresh water condenser”
Yep, the 1976 movie was much better!
12/8/2022 c10 3RCKBNFSK
Diana is an interesting character. I respect her and want to slap her at the same time. Your explanation of why she treated Kate that way was logical, but cruelty wasn't necessary. Mocking someone about their murdered mother, not cool. Kate has issues, and has made mistakes to be sure, but there are good qualities there too.

I loved the part with Perlmutter and Lanie. I was surprised that Lanie seemed out of touch with Kate's feelings. Looking forward to Rick at the 12th.
12/8/2022 c10 Devildog3479
Great update and thanks for your explanation for the reason but I’ll offer my counterpoint.
1.) You’re including of Rochefort and his explanation from the 2019 Movie Midway doesn’t fully explain the process of how they got that Midway was the true target. Unless you’re a true history buff like I am people won’t know the whole story about how it involved Washington worried about another attempt on Pearl or the West Coast hence the increased radio traffic could be subterfuge.
2.) There’s another version of Midway from 1976 with Charleston Heston where a character like Rochefort and the CINCPAC devised a plan to send faulty intelligence to the Japanese over open airwaves about Midways water plant and the Japanese through their code confirmed Midway as the true target. The 1976 Midway actually was a better representation of the role Rochefort really played than in the 2019 movie where they only told part of the story.
3.) not everyone has seen either movie or is really going to take the time to research Rochefort and the role he played in the battle of Midway.
4.) if you plan to use the Midway point put a little longer explanation or a link in your notes about Rochefort so people can possibly look later on to see why you added him in.
Great story and keep it up.
12/8/2022 c10 70TankW1
i'm still trying to figure out why Kate would want anything to do with any of these people. Being the designated punching bag isn't all that fun, even if you bring much of it on yourself.

P.S. I appreciate the crib notes you leave for us whose field of study may have Math or Science. It does actually help sometimes. ;)

stay safe
12/8/2022 c10 19wendykw
I love that Perlmutter was the one RC found the mistake in the autopsy. Diana did an excellent job knocking Kate down a notch. Thanks for another chapter.
12/2/2022 c9 jag389
i am really enjoying the rewrite. i can't wait for the next update.
i am a big fan of Sideways and hope that you would finish it or do a rewrite.

11/27/2022 c9 4TonyCastle78
I’ve got to say, your interpretation of Castle as a borderline military/strategic genius is quite compelling. This story’s also making me consider watching Blue Bloods. I’ve never seen that show but I like how you’ve weaved in characters from Blue Bloods and White Collar (a show I adore) into the Castle universe. Great job!
11/27/2022 c9 3RCKBNFSK
I'll be interested to see how Rick interacts with everyone at the 12th. This timeframe is end of season 5, so Castle was on pretty good terms with everyone, even Kate until a short while ago. The case you're teasing sounds pretty involved and interesting. I have no idea how, when or even why at this point, but I'm confident that the universe will restore things to their proper place.
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