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9/16/2022 c2 70TankW1
I believe I'm following this, but I have to admit that I've never watched Blue Bloods, so much of this is a bit hazy for me. I will follow along with the story line as it comes out, and hopefully things will become clearer as we get more into the story. I can say that there seems to be quite a tangle of characters to keep track of.

stay safe
9/16/2022 c2 3RCKBNFSK
I admit that I'm a little confused, but that could be a good thing as the story progresses, it could go in so many directions, and predictability is the enemy of an entertaining story. One thing that struck me is that we are holding Kate accountable for keeping secrets, it seems like Rick may have kept some secrets and may be keeping some more of his own, how will that be addressed?

I hope that you are completely recovered!
9/14/2022 c2 SnowKing1701
Great chapter. I love the interaction with Frank and I am excited to see what he does to Yosemite Sam. Beckett is just like always, has her head in the clouds thinking everything is about her. I look forward to seeing where you take them next. Keep up the excellent work as always. Take care.
9/7/2022 c1 cabreradepartamento
First, I hope that you are fully recovered and left after that problem, it is hard, I had it with a relative.
Now the detective, instead of her prestige and being seen as the inspector who took advantage of Sherlog, should worry about her partner's family, there are people you don't come across, especially one that can make your life somewhat complicated throughout the city in Speicla if you leave one of your own that family is not part of the blue wall, they own the wall, if it becomes federal, asking for a position in Alaska will be less cold.
Poor Gates is going to apgar all at once.
And the ladies who lined up as a replacement even the one who despite liking the same team wanted to try it, she can be a good addition without forgetting
To one of the prosecutor's office who already considers him family, this time the detective must get the job or start to see how she avoids the one that awaits he
9/6/2022 c1 Guest
I too would like to see Sideways completed. This story has great potential. Hope you feel better soon.
9/6/2022 c1 70TankW1
You've definitely put out a lot of differing story threads out there. I'm not sure if it was to confuse us or to entice us. Whatever, it looks to be an interesting beginning to wherever you plan to take us.
As someone who spent 15 months on kidney dialysis, I hope your medical problems are on the mend.

stay safe
9/5/2022 c1 SnowKing1701
Excellent start. I am excited to see where you take this. Keep up the wonderful work as always. Take care.
9/5/2022 c1 3RCKBNFSK
I like how you showed Kate's internal struggle and her self justifying reasons about her decision. It should be interesting to see where you take this. You have made it clear, in other stories, that you are not a Kate/Stana fan, that makes it even more interesting to me to watch you work towards a Caskett ending. Us Kate fans, and fans that don't like her, can respectfully coexist in this universe! This will also give closure to those of us that were waiting for an ending to "No More Playing Dumb".
9/5/2022 c1 Guest
Are you ever going to finish Sideways?
9/4/2022 c1 2cruise1213
I understand about Kidney failure. I just had a Kidney Transplant in February 2022. I will pray for your healing. I am waiting on the next chapter.
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