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6/16 c6 3Goobmark
Yayyyy! Happy endingsss!
6/16 c5 Goobmark
Tears were shed.
6/16 c4 Goobmark
Oh God. This is going to bring heartbreak. Thank you for the great writing, again, ur amazing. But also... pain.
6/16 c3 Goobmark
That joke was so glorious, I want to laugh, I want to cry, and my face won't let me do either
6/16 c2 Goobmark
Mikey taking charge here makes a weird sort of sense to me. Same with Leo freezing up. It reminds me of Leo's initial panicking in the Rottmnt movie, and how Casey asked "Master Michelangelo" to heal him. Maybe his mystic powers coupled with his emotional intelligence made him a natural choice for a medic(When he wasn't fighting) as they were put into dire situations. Leo's deep rooted insecurities and feelings of inadequacy may also have played a part in him freezing up. I don't know why I'm typing all this down. It's 5:02 A.M. and your story is long finished by now. I just really appreciate when people put hard work into this sort of stuff, and I love it when I get to see the pieces come together
9/13/2022 c3 9Eveack
As much as feel good moments are wonderful, I really enjoyed the heavy bits of this. Guilt is a heavy burden to carry, and it's a tough wake up call to answer to, especially for a personality like Leo. April being grounded and just taking charge as the current voice of reason, also great. And Raph and Mikey relaxing in the water? Clever.
9/7/2022 c2 Eveack
Since he's a soft shell, I'm wondering if their leather like backs actually crack if damaged, but for the sake of story, I can roll with it. I did feel the sense of panic with all the chaos going on, and Leo going full shell shock (pun wasn't intended but if it works, it works). Looking forward to where this is going.
9/5/2022 c1 Eveack
I believe those two characters in credit form go by Foot Lieutenant and Brute, but it's never actually stated in the show by any character. "Foot Recruit" is later revealed with her name at the very end of season 2, so them not addressing her with that is accurate here if this takes place earlier than the end of that or in the movie-verse.

I like the names the guys have for them in this chapter. It fits the personality of what they would do when it comes to naming things.

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