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for Luminous (Star Wars SI)

6/13 c27 KneelPoultry
Where is the new chapter?
6/13 c1 AlreadyGoneAway
Sucks that chapter 28 was deleted, but I can’t remember what was written anyways… According to the comments it looks like there was a very unpopular story beat that is getting removed, so it’s understandable.
6/13 c27 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
6/12 c28 Ge
Adding all these extra si characters is not going to help it is going to destroy the story in the long run it's going to make it harder and annoying or you had a good thing going and she just not done it
6/12 c28 Ge
Could you skip the whole multi-si story thread I think I don't like it personally cuz you have the whole interesting idea of her string a new temple and all this new interesting other stuff adding this is just annoying
6/11 c28 Batazr
well these people who are from our world are idiots this plan is stupid I hope our main character stops them
6/11 c20 Batazr
Komari fake her death please
4/2 c28 zzxxphaser
The other SI's made the coming sith empire stronger but the leader says trust me I will have a plan when the time comes.

I wounder how many others when they became to insistent on having a plan were disposed of?

How long before those who remained learned no to ask questions, they were still the good guys because they just followed along.
Only 'evil' would keep making a problem how there is no plan to fight the sith.
2/15 c19 solitare
Now it just seems like you're being slavishly devoted to canon. Komari and Qui-Gon died off screen, Plagius is dead, Dooku becomes Sidious's apprentice, and no one except the SI knows who Sidious is. Nothing Luminara does seems to matter in the end, so why should we care? At this rate we're going to have Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker is going to blow up the Death Star. I could just watch the movies if I wanted a canon rehash.

Komari dying during a 5 year time skip was awful. You didn't even bother to develop their relationship, so Luminara's frequent flashbacks/mourning comes off as annoying instead of sad or impactful.

You're squandering the excellent start to this story with frequent long time skips that contain many events that are too important to skip. Railroading canon events just makes everything seem pointless. Why should we bother reading if nothing matters? In fact, why are you even bothering to write this story if you're not willing to deviate from canon?
2/13 c28 Guest
See this is the kinda bullshit that multiple reincarnators causes. Might be out depending on how this runs.
2/2 c28 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
2/1 c28 I Judicator
Time to make Hk-47 flip sides.
2/1 c28 3Raphaelkun
In my opinion, there is already enough Luminara has to deal with in the story so the goals of the other SIs only add unneeded problems for her and you as the writer. I believe that the changes she has brought into the story are enough. Don‘t make it too hard on yourself and keep up the other good ideas though.
1/31 c28 Slaggedfire
Yeah I don't really like this. More than one reincarnate only hurts a story in my experience.
1/31 c28 Doombug
ugh honestly I hate multiple SIs they always ruin a story for me, but thanks for what you wrote so far I really enjoyed it!
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