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for A Midsummer Hunt

22h c11 HardlightArtemis
LOL i love the book Hatchet
5/1 c7 30Sparky She-Demon
Harry has some more Hunters on his side! Excellent!
4/30 c17 Ezilla
What happened to the 2 chapters that were about the twins in the AU did you delete them
4/30 c17 4Monster King
I really loved the story
4/20 c15 RegulusCetus
Just cause he wont be as powerful as Percy doesnt mean he can’t be the better killer~
4/1 c14 1EVA-Saiyajin
A very interesting and fun show of what you have made on the stage and depiction of the Celtic gods
2/17 c19 Ezilla
I love this AU and wish it was going to be a longer AU. It’s a neat idea where there should be more time with jasmine and the 2 hunters. This AU is by far my favorite, hopefully if it is possible Harry meeting Leto.
2/1 c15 jamal douglas
Loving these stories, on to the next one
1/15 c19 kaitoechizen211
1/12 c6 gryphindoros
dropped this is shit
1/12 c6 gryphindoros
okay your losing me here this is pussy bitch boy harry territory and honetly zoe should be tortured and killed in the most paiful way possible
1/12 c5 gryphindoros
bunch of cunts who deserve whatever pain harry gives them
12/22/2023 c15 FrostyBehemoth
Alright, its a wonderful story. really enjoyed it. The only, only thing that pissed me off is that NO ONE, has ripped harrry a new one for walking off with the enemy. and because of that he fucking released a GOD. Even for harry himself to fucking do it. its fucking sickening, there seems to be no actual consequences for what he did, no talking to, no punishment, no disappointment. Its disgusting.
12/17/2023 c19 Guest
Of course I enjoyed it. I am also looking forward to the rest of the story... Normally I don't read uncompleted stories because it frustrates the hell out of me. With this one, I'm glad I did, regardless of any frustration levels. Thank-you for your work, writing for an audience who is reading your work as you write it is not easy, so Thank-you.
11/19/2023 c19 Ashes-Embers-Flames
I am loving this series! Also, I'd be really interested in the fic you mention on your page about fem harry being the daughter of another goddess like Hestia!
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