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for A Midsummer Hunt

3/14 c15 Gamer71796
I read the last of this chapter and after thinking on it for a while, the only thing going through my head, is Harry, sitting in a cell in Azkaban, with a prayer to Hermes for the delivery of one package to Artimus, contents to include 1 Demigod, postage paid on delivery... after this thought occurred to me, I couldn't stop giggling at the thought. I wonder if you could throw a what if or a one-shot about this idea. I love your work, though. I've binge read this and the prequel in less than 2 days, and I'm already diving into the third...
2/15 c11 Dretnuh
I want this what if of Artemia taking Harry when he’s young as a full story so bad lol.
2/13 c11 linx007
The Hatchet Series by Gary Paulson? I loved reading that when I was a kid! Brian's Winter was my favorite. Also I am loving these mini chapters you keep giving us.
1/30 c17 Sons of death
Another amazing story.
1/5 c15 JemPyorStarheart
I will say that I agree that Dumbledore Voldemort and Grindelwald could probably take down a big three demigod that would mostly be due to experience. They've all had over 60 years of experience while most demigods Don't make it past 16. As far as Harry taking on Percy or Jason I agree in a straight battle he might not have that great of odds but with stealth and speed he could definitely assassinate anyone. Don't forget that Harry also has the capability to eventually become one of those high tier wizards such as Dumbledore Voldemort or Grindelwald.
12/24/2022 c15 Guest
With him being a demigod, will Harry’s gold coin still be with his stuff from the World Cup ?
12/15/2022 c11 1kitten198485
is that a reference to Brian from Hatchet and Brian's Winter I spy?
12/15/2022 c9 kitten198485
interesting prophecy ending, fitting for Harry i suppose
12/13/2022 c13 moose3333
Zoe is still the best girl in PJO imo. Kinda sad they’re probably not gonna get together. Too many fics that write her character well throw it all out the window and make her quit the hunt immediately to be with MC which I think is ridiculous. Others butcher her character and turn her into harem girl #9 with no personality.

Im always a fan of TRUE slowburn. Like SLOWburn where they both have feelings for eachother but she’s in the hunt so they have to ignore it until some breaking point down the line. Read one fic like that forget the name but I really liked it.
12/13/2022 c13 moose3333
I think given the premise that it started with, it was written well and ended well. That being said I think the premise it started with went a bit overboard on the man hatred. I guess an easier way to explain it is you started with an idea for an A- paper, and earned 100% of that A- through the good writing. I still think it coulda been better though if the seething hatred were toned down a bit, and the accompanying taunts and jabs about his dead family and abuse would have gone too. Just seemed a bit much IMO, but was executed well given that.
12/13/2022 c1 moose3333
Hehehe Zoe and Harry would be a fantastic ship. She’s actually one of my favorite characters from PJO, and is made even better with slight tweaking of her character.
12/1/2022 c11 4Wackuhdoodle
I love that book series!
11/26/2022 c12 drducky
not going to lie. this is absolutely disgusting how much you let Zoe get away with.
11/19/2022 c13 darthkratos24
Totally didn't see that last part coming it was such a suuurprise!... I'm being sarcastic. To be honest though this is still one of the story's where it doesn't feel to forced because I've only two parts that feel stupidly forced. One Harry who'd killed a lot of things not seeing someone canon harry saw after just hearing his mom scream... And the last part here. I'm going to call it right here, they go to the stones and rise the wild Hunt again! So scary!... If I'm right I'm saying told you so. This isn't flame by the way it'll probably come across as that though. I'm just disappointed in the fact this semi sequel feels less polished and a lot more of a let down then the first story..
11/19/2022 c5 caellwin
where do you get the dread persephone form or did you make that up?
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