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for A Song of Frost and Magic

9/22 c1 Monstrr
Hope you countinue this. It’s a unique story that I don’t think has been done before. I’m surprised and disappointed at the lack of ASOIAFxDark Souls fics so am happy to get one.
9/17 c1 5TheOneWhoWalksThroughFire
I’m liking this so far, hope to see more of this. I really wanted to read a story about the boreal valley and things associated with it interacting with the world of Game of Thrones.
9/17 c1 JustAnotherEngineer
huh i dont think anyone has done something like transportist and souls kingdom from one world to another this is interesting tho i think something like drangleic would have fit better thanks to Aldia and Vendrick being two of the more knowledgeable characters in the setting But hey pontiff Will fit amazingly in this considering all he does is plot
9/16 c1 1hellion117
Ngl this kinda gives me a raging hardon…. We expect more good writing… mendicant

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