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for The Secrets of the Chamber of Secrets

8/2 c3 Cassandra30
Hermione never went back far enough to account for meals, sleep and homework.
8/2 c2 Cassandra30
Sirius was probably wondering where the Parseltongue came from.
8/2 c1 Cassandra30
Great start!
6/3 c4 fhippogriff
I like this one.
6/2 c4 hunzbookwyrm
Interesting story hope to see more from you soon.
5/31 c4 Brockster550
Granger certainly didn’t know what hit her due to being so engrossed with her reading and the fact that Harry was under the invisibility cloak. Great one-shot, keep up the hard work!
5/30 c4 AliceTobor
Doesn't feel complete, Harry is still in Britain.

The Dark Lord Dumbledore is not dead yet.
5/30 c1 AliceTobor
I want a story where Lily ACTS like a genius.
A tale of muggle ingenuity.
All it would take are slides down to escape tunnels under the cottage.
Thirteen Tons of muggle explosive will Vaporize Tom.
Peter can be collateral damage, killed by shrapnel.
Lily is supposed to be smart.
She is muggleborn and should not worship Dumbledore.
Have her invite the true dark lord of the story for tea.
A house elf can stun him from behind.
Truth potion or even the imperious or better both at the same time and Lily learns all of Dumbledores plans for Harry.
She can take James with her, stunning him if needed.
Leaving the British Wizarding World to BURN.
5/30 c4 maiseuhlol
1/17 c3 Guest
According to J.K. Rowling, the maximum amount of time a Time Turner can go-back-by is 5-hours.
1/17 c3 EP
1/18 c3 hunzbookwyrm
Interesting update can't wait to see what you do with it next!
1/17 c3 Brockster550
Hermione only got a hold of a time turner because she was the teacher’s pet, and one of J.K. Rowling’s self-inserts. It was odd that Hermione didn’t suffer an aneurysm or a heart attack because of the stress of using the time turner to take multiple classes at once. Good to see Harry studying them and the risk of time paradoxes. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
1/17 c3 3alix33
You meant "before he cast a mild sleeping charm on her", "magical world only too well", "more than he did about Weasley" and "Gryffindor Tower and getting to the corridor".
1/17 c3 5cg037
A great update, keep up the good work.
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