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for Harry Potter and the Ritual of Love's Memory

5h c73 4GinnyPotter6891
Bless Ol' Tom for his efforts to lighten the moods and faces of two teenagers! I winced, though, when reading about the family attacked by the Dementors. And i did wonder why Harry had ordered a sandwich to go-duh! I enjoyed the exchange between the four teens and the details of Parvati's summer.
Like Harry, I am relieved that Sirius won't be breaking into any Death Eater vaults. It was really interesting to have Harry mining Griphook for the information they need to make a Horcrux retrieval less hazardous. I don't think Montague would be too bad to run into, but Dolohov? Eeek! Almost as bad as Bellatrix! Too bad the dragon is shackled so he couldn't attack Dolohov and rid the world of a bad guy.
This was an interesting chapter as it evoked so many different emotions, from sadness so close to despair, to a bit of laughter, to a 'boring' (for Harry) planning session, to the anxiety of sleuthing. Great chapter! Can we assume that the break-in will happen in the next chapter? Regardless, I'll be looking forward to what surprise you have in store for us when that happens!
Happy March!
22h c73 Mewpagano
Excelent chapter!
3/1 c16 2EmlynMara
Help was still needed, but really enjoyed the help and encouragement between competitors.
Also liked Harry continuing to learn about seeking help from others.
3/1 c15 EmlynMara
Love the way they challenged Hagrid’s way of thinking about himself and giving him new directions in his teaching.
3/1 c73 Hxartlxss
good chapter, thanks~~
3/1 c1 Guest
Wow... just wow. Poor Harry
3/1 c73 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
3/1 c73 scrappy8
great chapter
2/27 c72 Hxartlxss
good chapter, thanks!~
2/25 c72 5Gyltig
Fantastic fic! I binge-read the whole thing in about six days, lol.

I love what you’ve done with the characters! I think a lot of Hinny writers on this site tend to force Ginny into the trio’s dynamics without really thinking it through. However, you handled it magnificently: her presence feels completely natural and earned. Similarly, lots of Hinny writers tend to make Ginny very overpowered in comparison to the main cast. While she is canonically very strong and she is in your fic as well, you’ve succeeded in making her feel grounded and real as a character by allowing her to struggle at times and grow naturally while still showcasing her strengths! Hats off to you again.

I love tragedy in the stories I read, and the first 9-10 chapters hit like a freight train they were so impactful. I really like the idea of that timeline still existing, and it makes me sad to think that Harry will “wake up,” still single and traumatized in Mexico while this new timeline is either just a dream or something he can’t interact with. That’s my theory, anyway.

Just wanted to say well done and I’m excited to see where the fic goes from here!
2/25 c72 9sherryola
It was so fun to read about the boys sliding down that ramp! Thanks for that. I want to feel glad that Mrs. Longbottom finally saw that Neville is strong in his magic, but it's impossible, because she couldn't bother to care or express care for him until the Patronus.
2/23 c72 RaiDaniels
nice chapter
2/23 c72 Mewpagano
Excelent chapter i really like Neville too
2/23 c72 4GinnyPotter6891
It was very interesting to read your idea of everything Harry learned from his Gryffindor year mates as I'd never thought about what they offered him (besides Ron and Hermione, that is). I've read other fanfics where Padma became a healer, but Parvati's interests usually gravitated to was refreshing. Harry's and Neville's mischief with the steps (great idea to have them change into a slide and platform!) made me grin, though I was pretty sure they'd end up getting into trouble. I can't say that everything about Harry's visit at Longbottom Manor was enjoyable, but thanks to Madam Marchbanks' and Harry's efforts, Neville was able to get his Gran to see him in his own right rather than in comparison to his parents. Kudos to you for that! Hopefully the change in Augusta will be permanent.
I really did enjoy this chapter; there's still a grin on my face as I think about all the details. Thanks for making it a bit longer (that comment I left before wasn't a complaint-well, not much of one). I'm looking forward to next chapter, the sparring between Albus and Kingsley and the new ways you'll surprise us when you take us where canon never went. Have a great week!
2/23 c72 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
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