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for Arknights: Rekindling

12/14/2022 c5 19Out4Lunch
Every time I read this story, it puts a smile on my face. It's there before I realize it. Everything about this is perfect, and I can't wait to read the last chapter.

As for your health (emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual), I hope you feel better and heal quickly. My condolences to all your losses and the rough road you treaded, but I hope you get through it! Much love!

Now for the contents of the 5th chapter, I loved all the scenes! This is why I read fanfiction! To see characters react in situations without being beholden to their established characteristics in the original works! It's so refreshing to see since all characters are still humans, not a carrier for a certain personality!

And that Skadi moment, where she's lying on the ground! XD
She really said I'm done, even though she's a walking catastrophe! And also all of Kal'tsit's reactions! They're brimming with jealousy!

I really hope everything goes well, and the vision you have in your head is all written down and aligns with what you wanted to write! Can't wait for the last chapter! Until then, bye!
12/12/2022 c5 3IAmNotPedobear
Oof, sounds rough man. Good luck with your endeavours.

Another loverly chapter! I just wish we got a bit more of Doctors reaction.

Either way, I'll be awaiting your next release.
11/6/2022 c4 IAmNotPedobear
warfarin again, teaching our innocent little bunny girl about thongs she shouldnt know yet.

Nive chapter yet again. I loved the Amiya fainting moment.
11/6/2022 c4 IAmNotPedobear
Warfarin again, teaching our innocent bunny girl about thi
11/3/2022 c4 19Out4Lunch
Bwahahaha! Loved the fourth chapter and the humorous tones scattered throughout the writing!

This chapter was above and beyond what I expected, and I loved every second of it! The words you use throughout your story is some quality stuff that I would love to implement in my own!

And the lore from the game sprinkled across the chapter is just a cherry on top! Thanks for another insanely amazing chapter!
10/21/2022 c3 ShinraTensei911
hope to see more!
10/18/2022 c3 Out4Lunch
Wonderful stuff once again! I find myself anticipating everything that's about to unfold with every chapter I read!

Thanks for the beautiful chapter! I will be patiently waiting for the next one to be posted!
10/17/2022 c2 3IAmNotPedobear
I can only say that I am extremely intrigued by this and can hardly wait for the next chapter.

10/6/2022 c2 2Phantom Dark-Knight
holy sh!t, this is well writing story, i'm glad this story be my first Arknight story, now what happened next?
10/5/2022 c1 brakamonoga
hmm, this is really good stuff, i ave one question though, who are those other immortals kal mentioned? that trembled in fear when seeing the doctor? i thought it was the other sarkaz lord, but as far as i know, doctor joined babel after the civil war, so they probably wouldnt have met doctor
10/4/2022 c2 19Out4Lunch
Another wicked chapter that makes me so excited to see what happens next!

It's been a while since I felt so happy reading something, but this story is delivering in all aspects of what I search for in a story! Thanks for the chapter!
10/2/2022 c1 naz290
Starting off strong aren't you? Can't wait to see how the story will progress.
9/29/2022 c1 Out4Lunch
Looking forward to the chapters and the great story you want to relay to us with this awesome introduction!

No pressure, but I hope you deliver all that you envisioned for this story!
9/22/2022 c1 WolfyFenri
Doctor from Kal'tsit POV? Perfect! I can't wait for more!

Thank you!

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