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11/8/2022 c23 4LegendPKMN
Phew I'm glad I got around to finishing it and you keep it interesting enough for me to read through the whole thing regardless. I'm so happy you got to finish this story and the way it ended for them after all they've been through, it went pretty well imo. So great job! I'm looking forward to reading more of your works in the future even if it's another AshXGoh fic you know I'll be right there and supporting you always. I gotta do my work on the fics as well:)
11/8/2022 c23 10ColsonOtis
Wow, thanks for writing this book!
I have to say I REALLY enjoyed it!
Best regards...
11/7/2022 c23 1Hermionegranger444
Wow! What an amazing epilogue! It’s just so emotional to see this fanfic come to an end. But as soon as your next fanfic comes out, I’m definitely going to read it! Thanks again for the fic, and the message, it means a lot.
11/7/2022 c22 Hermionegranger444
OMG! Wow, I mean, what an ending! The last line, it gave me hope, hope for a future like this, for real love, and this fanfic made me believe that, so just thank you so much. I’m actually going through a heartbreak right now and this fanfic actually made me recover from it. In hope that someone will love me, like this. So, yeah, I’m actually crying because it’s over. This fanfic got me through a rough period in my life, so just thank you, for this fanfic, and just being such a damn good writer!
11/7/2022 c21 Hermionegranger444
Oh my GOODNESS! I’m just speechless, this chapter is SOOOOO GOOD! I’m just blown away of how good this fanfic is! This is just an amazing enemy’s to lovers romance (and I really love enemy’s to lovers romances!) and I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if I want this fanfic to be over, it is just so good! Oh well, all good things have to come to an end eventually I suppose.
11/7/2022 c20 10ColsonOtis
You put a lot of work into these chapters!
They were really good!
Hope to see more soon!
11/6/2022 c20 Sanjana Gogoi
Heyyy Author uk i was wondering when you will update kingslayer.. It's been months already and m waiting to see Ash and may's spark.. I loved that story sooo much... M a big die hard advance shipper as well.. So plz.. If u get time.. Update that as well.. Lots of love
11/6/2022 c20 1Hermionegranger444
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG ONG OMG OMG OMG OMG! THAY FINALLY KISSED! WOO HOO! YES! I’ve been waiting for this moment ever since the beginning of this fanfic! The kiss was described in AMAZING detail! I just loved it! EEE! You know what, I just might go reread that kiss again. Anyway, have a great night!
11/6/2022 c19 Hermionegranger444
Ok, so Goh didn’t get kidnapped, well you sure as hell did make it seem like it was going that way. Ok, but that last line, wow. I have this feeling that they are going to kiss, I just have this hunch. Or maybe I’m totally wrong, because my hunch was far of from what actually happened. So I’m not exactly sure what to believe anymore! Anyway, already excited for next chapter! (And thanks for so many chapters today! I think this is the most chapters that you’ve ever posted in a row!)
11/6/2022 c18 Hermionegranger444
OMG! Goh is MISSING?! Oh my god! Well, at least Ash might get to see him again (if the people he was captured by doesn’t get to him first, and yeah, I had a hunch.)
11/6/2022 c17 Hermionegranger444
NOOO! Oh poor Ash! I’ve had my heart broken before, and it’s not fun.
11/6/2022 c16 Hermionegranger444
NOOOOOO! Dang it! Well I guess we haven’t reached the happily ever after yet.
11/5/2022 c15 10ColsonOtis
Great two chapters!
The plot thickens...
I'm very exited for more!
11/5/2022 c15 1Hermionegranger444
Again! Amazing! Thanks for double update! Ugh! Not going to lie, I’m not sure if I like Bede anymore. IF HE’S GETTING IN THE WAY OF ASH AND GOH, YOU OFFICIALLY MADE ME A SWORN ENEMY! Anyway! Amazing chapter! I really like how this fanfic deals with Ash’s fame and what that entails. Thanks again! Already excited for next chapter!
11/5/2022 c14 Hermionegranger444
WOW! Amazing chapter! (per usual) I’m so excited for these two to get together! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Anyway, wow, so you finished writing everything, now you just need to post it. I’ve actually never been able to be with the writer while he/she/they is writing the fanfic! So thanks for bringing me along this journey!
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