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for The Wizard Who Meddled With Time : Re-Upload

9/10 c9 ironhair
Ty for for uploading

Any idea why they stopped writing?
9/8 c1 ironhair
8/14 c3 Mastersgtjames
Wow... I was SUPER into this story, but this one chapter killed it for me. Just that entire setup, with Aberforth's behavior, the Vampire, the MC's actually arguing to live at the Hogs head and not just telling Abertforth no thanks when the guy apparently would have preferred the murderous Vampire, to the MC... yeah. That killed it for me.
In the 1st chapter, the MC comes across as cool, powerful, skilled, clever.
In the 2nd chapter, he kept dropping the ball in strange and honestly kinda stupid ways... From repeatedly ignoring the listening charm, to pretending to be his Grandfather for no reason when he honestly could have done any number of other things, such as admitting he is NOT Charlus, to just leaving, or even silencing his wand and letting Olivander in on the secret.
Now in this last chapter with the Vampire and Aberforth... That was a bit too much of the MC having been the complete opposite of the impression we got in the first chapter. The MC came across as sloppy, clumsy, forgetful, and desperate.

Liked the story previous to this though.
8/14 c2 Mastersgtjames
Loving the story so far, BUT! Would like it more without annoying convoluted problems. Like the MC REPEATEDLY forgetting about the listening charm stuck to himself, and doing nothing about it. Not removing it, not covering it up with some kind of silencing charm, nothing.
7/26 c8 slytherinlovers5657
omg this is funny
4/23 c1 linpplesoft
Please take the "Completed" tag off this story so that people who are expecting a completed story do t get what is clearly an ABANDON story.
3/30 c9 atymer
Oh no! I was looking forward to the continuation!
3/30 c7 atymer
Sirius wasn't the only one delirious with laughter! I was grossed out too!
Lots of humor here, but McGonagall nearly gave me a heart attack! Whew!
3/30 c4 atymer
There's been lots of laughs so far. I love Aberforth and Harry's interactions. LOL LOL LOL
11/12/2022 c2 ymrgf
Boring shit. Words without substance.
11/1/2022 c6 Mr.Heller
Again some useless drama with no relevance, and Harry already had that whole conversation with Abe a few chapters back, so had to skip almost a quarter of the chapter.
11/1/2022 c3 Mr.Heller
Drama for the sake of drama with no plot relevance is annoying as usual, but hey, we can always skip it.
10/26/2022 c9 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Always a shame when a story dies.
10/26/2022 c8 TheGreatBubbaJ
The seduction of Snape and the annihilation of Azkaban.
10/25/2022 c7 TheGreatBubbaJ
Best of friends.
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