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for Is it Wrong to Try to Stay the Farthest Away from the Dungeon?

2/18 c2 Joe
The way the dragon talked reminded me of Smaug. Did you take inspiration from that?
2/4 c10 AVL04
fly high you were a good story
11/28/2023 c10 3W1rath56
Very good story I like it. However I feel like our dear mc gets gassed up too much. Also I don’t understand why our mc is pissing his pants and acting like a yorkie terrier on steroids over Syr. Like okay she is Freya or an aspect of her but why should that matter to the extent he has to call her a bitch and threaten to kill her? If anything that draws more attention to you when you act dramatic like that.

If I want Freya to leave me alone I’m not going to threaten Syr and act wild in front of everyone I would just acting boring. Except everything he seems to do draws attention to himself. Effortlessly beating level fours as a flex instead of just getting Mia or the other waitresses to do it, dropping a million on a table casually in front of everyone. It feels like he wants the attention.

He should simply take it calmly instead of losing his shit. It makes him look like a kid and its more cringe then badass everytime he snaps at her.

And by the seven gods he is edgy as hell. Every word that drizzles from his mouth is like “hey Im edgy do you realize it yet or do I need to wear a choker?”

Also it feels extremely forced the relationship between our mc and Ryuu. I can already tell where the arrow ends and its going to be one of those knights and shining armor saving the girl from the darkness.

And speaking of that there is the Aiz business. I actually liked it. It was interesting to say the least and her conflict was pretty well done that I would actually use some of those ideas but a few thing struck me.

One; Oh my god she is so self-dependent on Bell it’s ridiculous. Its one thing to have him as a support but no her feet aren’t even placed on the ground. Bell has her sweeped up. It demeans her character and by the end she will be worthless and more akin to Sakura in fate. What I want to see is her solving everything on her own. She shouldn’t need a man to help her solve her problems. Bete was right she’s just whining. Most if not all of the characters in Danmachi’s parents are dead. I don’t see why she is so special in that regard.

Nevertheless, despite my issues its not a bad fic. A solid 8/10 looking forward to the next.
11/28/2023 c10 Guest
Any News when this returns? It's really good and unique.
11/25/2023 c9 wtfchrlz
This is getting way too soap opera-y. I wish this dude would stop talking and just punch Syr in the fucking face. Also makes no sense for him to trust some random woman he barely knows with his secrets.
11/22/2023 c7 moose master5543
this dude has to be half retarded like why is he such a cunt to everyone. fuck i knew someone in highschool who got abused physically and they never acted like this. god this MC is a cunt
11/16/2023 c10 Raxatalled
it's good, keep up the good work
10/29/2023 c10 Guest
This story is god.
First cause Arien is an asshole, he knows and everyone know it and have consecuences, no one likes him and no people is trying to defend him, is an asshole and im sure in the future even Ryuu can say that to their child.
"Your father is an asshole but also is my asshole"
Second, so f*cking glad to see an OC who dont take away the attention of Bell, both have their own lives, and Bell is still the protagonist.
Third, He dont want attention, he dont like attention, he dont want to be the protagonist.
Now the question, what kind of relationship have with Bell? the "you killed my mother" or "Youre the only thing i can remember my mother"
The last thing, i believe Arien should call Materia his mother, she literally raised him, call her aunt sound quite strange.
10/17/2023 c10 Guest
It#s sooo goood. Please when update?
10/14/2023 c10 1EDG1999
O. M. G.
What an amazing story!
It’s just all very well planned and thought through.
It literally feels like a genuine new volume of the original story.
I don’t care if you are not the author, and you’re only the writer. My thanks and congratulations to the both of you, you have created an amazing story. Thank you for letting us enjoyed it.
Hope you can update soon, it’s really an amazing story, and I am waiting to see what you will do in the next chapter
9/20/2023 c9 Raiyin577
I appreciate how thought out this story is but it’s really frustrating to read. I actually adore slower-paced novels. This isn’t slow though, it’s repetitive. Way too much time spent on just Finn explaining why they need to focus on Fearless and how dangerous it is. I also don’t particularly understand this obsession with Fearless being an “asshole”. He for sure is abrasive. But he isn’t an asshole for standing up for his boundaries. He repeatedly told Syr to leave him alone, not talk to him, and to stop touching him. However, both the waitresses and the author paint him as the bad guy because he called her a bitch a couple of times? Also, no matter how you spin it, I can’t see it as anything other than plot convenience for him to be at the hostess of fertility considering how much he despises Syr. Considering how well thought out your story is , his reasoning for staying initially was incredibly lazy. He just happened to be really tired after taking care of 3 random adventures within 2 minutes and thus he decides to stay at the inn of someone who he calls extremely dangerous every other paragraph. Your story is so well-written sometimes that these gaps in logic just really standout. Despite my grievances, I appreciate your story
9/10/2023 c10 CorsoF
An amazing story, one of the best I read so far, I really liked how you used Bell and Aiz characters and I absolutely loved chapter 9. I am sorry for your loss and I hope you can recover soon but take your time, we will wait for you.
7/19/2023 c10 1mrpilkodotdot
I'll be waiting ma man
7/16/2023 c10 1.6180339887498948482045868
thanks for the update. I hope your friend recovers.
7/14/2023 c8 2Cactuses are a thing
Gotta praise THE GOAT ouranos. Arien the shit deserved that piss.

Good story.
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