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for Conventional Love

11/25 c2 Goodtome
Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next I’m so excited loving this kuu and Julie have made a grave mistake and kyoko oh my n how will he fix this or can he I can’t wait this is so juicy
11/24 c2 1Noveisadoge
Ohhh I was expecting full fluff, but I like this idea! Kuon gonna be choked at them!
11/19 c2 sspaulina
Well dam what a reveal
11/19 c2 8amethysth
I really liked how Kyoko slowly came into her own confidence during her panel and the pride Ren felt watching her from the audience. But the rest of the chapter took a surprising turn I was not expecting. My heart goes out to Kyoko and Ren both, they both must be hurting for different reasons. Eagerly awaiting what you do with this next!
9/28 c1 106claraowl
Eee! I love conventions and I'm so excited to see how they enjoy theirs!
9/25 c1 H-Nala
Looking forward to it!
9/24 c1 sspaulina
this is lovely I'm looking forwards to next chapters:)
9/24 c1 1Noveisadoge
Great start! So excited for her cosplay. Yashiro and his thoughts are the best.

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