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6/22 c40 kyurega
Yep, Tsukihime elements coming in full force. Here comes Ciel.
6/21 c38 kyurega
Oh shit. Well, this means the fic has officially expanded to a full fusion of DxD and Nasuverse. Here comes Nrvsqr Chaos. This probably opens the door for the Burial Agency to show up. I wonder if we’re gonna see more Tsukihime characters, and maybe StayNightVerse characters eventually.
6/21 c37 kyurega
Oh boy, a servant summoning, with the catalyst being the blood of a dragon who was both significant and nameless. Don’t think there’s a whole lot of those. I’m not a huge mythology buff, nor am I familiar with even all of the servants in FGO, but as for who the servant is, I guess St. George or Beowulf? They’re kind of the only dragonslayers I can think of that slew a nameless dragon. There might have also been a dragon in Lancelot’s story but I’m not entirely sure on that. I’d put my money on Beowulf tho, cuz summoning a saint of Christianity right in front of Tezcatlipoca seems like a really dumb idea.
6/18 c62 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
6/16 c62 Citrine Quartz
Tez, why do you have to making choosing potato chips look like a battle. Are you a drama queen or something lol.
6/15 c62 King0fP0wers
Aww, Roman trying to be a proper adult figure for Akeno and Xenovia was adorable.
Oh, and Tez is in Kuoh. For some reason. Roman's circle of strange acquaintances grows yet again.
6/15 c62 JonnyBoboThe1st
I see Romani is making more friends. Not sure who the blond was, but I have a feeling they’re pretty strong.
6/15 c62 TripleSweet
Amazing chapter as always. Still waiting for Romani to shine though.
6/15 c62 Alexandar von Cartein Zarovich
Romani just adopted 2 girls in his life,
6/5 c61 JonnyBoboThe1st
Thank you for the nice chapter!
6/5 c61 R Naught
Babe, wake up. Munda just dropped brand new chapters after another.
6/5 c61 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
5/30 c8 Guest
Its a little bit boring to be honest. Not much is happening. And by that i'm saying, not much interresting is happening. Its slow, too slow. And you can feel it in the narration itself, thats the problem.

When it come to the form, try to pack a little bit more of your text. There's not enought description. Sometime, i have the impression that i'm reading DM conversation instead of a proper story. Where the action take place? Who know. When does it take place? I don't know. Whats surrounding them? Who the fuck know. Because of that, there's no proper tone to your story. Resulting in everyone in your story look dull and witouth savor. Hence. Boring.
5/28 c59 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful wonderful
5/25 c60 JonnyBoboThe1st
Thanks for the chapter.
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