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2/16 c44 Guest
Such a good story
2/4 c44 QueenGB
I have to say Iam going to miss them because it felt like they were just beginning. Bella’s growth was amazing to read.I didn’t expect so much angst but it worked out in a way that was so wonderfully written. I found this story because the app recommended it after another story and it was a delightful discovery. Thank you.
2/4 c43 QueenGB
I wish we had more of them blending as a couple, a family and being a bit happier. We spent so much time on Rose and then Renee two very canon selfish women. But in the end Bella’s archetype book tells us this was more about that than E/B. Just said this is over I guess.D
2/4 c41 QueenGB
Yay no more Jake. Bonus!
2/4 c40 QueenGB
Honestly old environments make it hard to keep clean. Some people don’t even know they are enabling. It seems Bella is to Hadley what Sue should have benn for her. So Emmett and Rosalie?
2/4 c39 QueenGB
Mischief and Mayhem. I love it. I dont envy Edward trying to work around his trust issues with Rosalie and fatherhood. Are Carlisle and Esme going to be okay? Im glad Bella gave Irina what for. How dare she share peoples business with a stranger. Edward should have done it actually.
2/4 c38 QueenGB
Go Bella go!
2/4 c37 QueenGB
I hope Irina is just nosey and not plotting because between Rose, Charlie, Sue and now Renee there is enough drama. Give these love birds some joyD
2/3 c34 QueenGB
This was heavy. Im not surprised that Renee was/is selfish.
2/3 c33 QueenGB
Bella and Hadley both need a breather.
2/3 c32 QueenGB
Wow. I hope Bella see’s that Edward really does love her. My husband said i love you to me after a horrible fight. There is NOTHING perfect in relationships. I guess we have to meet Renee to know if Charlie really did have Bella’s best interest at heart. I love Mrs. Vope.
2/3 c31 QueenGB
So raise your hand if you think Sue moved those boxes and wanted Bella to find them and never come home again? So sad and cruel what Charlie did.
2/3 c30 QueenGB
Emmett visiting Rose huh? Okay. I didnt know Charlie was married to Sue. I thouht he was jsut living with her He better make Bella feels welcome after his NYC drama. I hope Exward surprising Bella snaps her out of it. They are great together.
2/3 c28 QueenGB
I love this little family you are creating. I just hope Charlie learns to respect it and his lovely daughters choices. We’ll see yeah?
2/3 c27 QueenGB
So much to say. First Bella is so insightful and observant in her inner monologue I wish she would let it out more. She’s so kind. Emmett is a yoda in this chapter with Edward and Carlisle. Again, Bella’s insight for the win. I guess Rosalie’s redemption includes sweet Emmett as a reward? I agree with Edward this is Rose’s floor and Emmet is right she has to want it. So question…did Royce beat her before he left her there? Are the police going to get involved?
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