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3/5 c11 Teresa R
She will pull her head out of her ass and maybe kick Roses Ass lol
3/5 c10 Teresa R
fun fun
3/5 c9 Teresa R
He really knew how to pick them lol
3/5 c8 Teresa R
Got to love that boy yummy
3/4 c7 Teresa R
Friendly I would say lol
3/4 c6 Teresa R
Fun times ahead
3/4 c5 Teresa R
Edward is trying to be nice
3/4 c4 Teresa R
Wow Rose is nasty and that baby girls mom
3/4 c3 Teresa R
loving it great story already
3/4 c2 Teresa R
Edward is confused?
3/4 c1 Teresa R
loving it
2/22 c44 ClaceLover08
I love this story it is awesome and I love this series :) & I’m happy that Bella & Edward are Married & I’m happy that Bella & Edward have a Son and a Daughter
2/16 c44 Guest
Such a good story
2/4 c44 QueenGB
I have to say Iam going to miss them because it felt like they were just beginning. Bella’s growth was amazing to read.I didn’t expect so much angst but it worked out in a way that was so wonderfully written. I found this story because the app recommended it after another story and it was a delightful discovery. Thank you.
2/4 c43 QueenGB
I wish we had more of them blending as a couple, a family and being a bit happier. We spent so much time on Rose and then Renee two very canon selfish women. But in the end Bella’s archetype book tells us this was more about that than E/B. Just said this is over I guess.D
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