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for Friends Close, Enemies Closer

6/21/2023 c10 Nerak Seila
Draco trying to be romantic and funny!
He is a bell end though.
6/13/2023 c10 Nicola Darian
Oh this turned bad. Not like this turn.
6/13/2023 c10 8Don'tForgetThePincers
This was a really cool chapter, I like how you described everything, it’s written very well! :D
4/2/2023 c9 Don'tForgetThePincers
Written very well!
2/28/2023 c8 Don'tForgetThePincers
Great chapter!
1/24/2023 c7 James Birdsong
Good seven chapters
1/24/2023 c7 Don'tForgetThePincers
This amazing work!
When I read it, it feels like I’m actually in the story watching from the sidelines!
Absolutely amazing!
1/3/2023 c6 Sparkle15
I read all 6 chapters in one go and can’t wait for the next one! I wonder why Theo reacted the way he did, would like to read the explanation for that. Why him and not Draco? But I do like the fact that Draco comforted Hermione. Ah, I hope Blaise and the girls will escape soon.
1/1/2023 c6 Lily
Great chapter !
1/1/2023 c6 Don'tForgetThePincers
Amazing !
12/2/2022 c5 Don'tForgetThePincers
Great chapter as always!
12/1/2022 c4 Nicola Darian
So slayy amazing chapter :)
11/4/2022 c4 Don'tForgetThePincers
These chapters just keep getting better and better! :D
11/4/2022 c3 Lynnette Nolene
This chapter was so interesting! I am not lying when I say this was the best one yet. I am actually looking forward to the part when Luna comes out of prison and I just hope that no-one gets hurt in that process. I also love the courage Ginny has, she may as well just be my favorite character in this. Please do update soon, I really need to see what happens to Luna.
10/14/2022 c3 2Ana Dolohov
Lynnette Nolene
Its alright! I love criticism I don't mind it all alr ? :)
Please feel free to leave any kind of review on my story because I know I am horrible at grammar and plot :))
I will try my hardest to improve
Ana Dolohov
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