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for Alfa & Omega: Assorted compilation

10/28/2022 c28 Guest
I like this one. Sounds like an actual episode of the series. Lol

I see Helga and Arnold being at “friend” status after TJM due to them thinking about it hard and realizing they are just kids and aren’t ready for a romantic relationship so they just decided to be close friends. She would eventually balance her emotions with therapy and end up treating Arnold as she wants to, ie not bullying him; but will still tease him and give nicknames. Whenever she does something stupid she would call him yutz and paste for brains… and Football Head would just be a pet name for him that Arnold would end up loving it coming from her. They would have their “dates” most likely with Gerald and Phoebe. Like they would just be close friends doing things together like this chapter. I think this way is good and I see the compromise she would make with him. He knows her feelings and knows it would take a while for her to wean out of the bullying behavior. And they are just kids no need to rush into a romantic relationship.

They probably won’t get into that level until they are teens. Maybe when they are in high school. But before HS they would test it out probably at 12…. Just thinking in regards to what happened to me at 12. Since it can happen I would think for them it would be plausible. I was sort of a bully as a kid. Even got into fights with bigger bullies. That’s sort of stopped by 8th grade. But in 7th grade I got into fights with boys; they started. And in 8th grade I pretty much mellowed out didn’t feel the need to prove myself anymore. And I did this without child therapy (mostly because it wasn’t available to me). Imagine I could have worked on myself earlier with therapy I would have gotten better sooner. That’s why I love Helga on the couch and in the end she opened up and ended up loving it! That episode gave me so much hope for Helga to eventually stop her bullying ways.

Haha I’m sorry I always do this.

Your writing has improved. As you write more it will continue to improve. So don’t stop!
10/28/2022 c28 Metehor
I love your stories that work like little instant photos!
10/20/2022 c18 Metehor
Really fun chapter to read! I really like all the point of view!
10/9/2022 c6 30The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
Eeyup, ROUGH. :D :D :D
10/9/2022 c7 The J.A.M. a.k.a. Numbuh i
And that's how it began... :D :D :D

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