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for For Need of a God

2/17 c13 Bella-swan11
The Spartacus spirit of Kratos is influencing the Starks, it may be because Kratos is the god of the north known as the great Father. Imagine the reaction of the other kingdoms, when they discover that there is a god in the north; that the great Father protects its inhabitants.
Everything is going to change even the game of thrones, because knowing the great Father will change the lives of the people who know him; Howland I hope you break your silence and tell the truth about Jon's true origin.
2/12 c13 Guest
That is one hell of a cliffhanger you left us with for the last few months. Please don’t make all of us wait to long for an update!
2/10 c13 Guest
Holy cow anyway, we can get an update for the story?
2/9 c13 Boomshanka
Nice more soon!
2/3 c13 Drakon45
please come back to this story
2/2 c13 Don19
when you have the time please
2/2 c13 Don19
hope you are doing well i really like the story please continue it
1/30 c13 anja.quickert.9
1/23 c13 2Stijn1boy
Rrad this over the last couple of days, enjoyed it a lot, though the complete supplanting of the Old Gods is a little much for me, would have preferred it if Kratos was just a part of them in the eyes of the North, now it feels to much like Christianity or other monotheistic religions to me, especially with all the references to the great father. Don't get me wrong, the gods are important, and meeting one would change things, but this feels almost like a differenr religion altogether.

I do have some questions btw,
1. Will we see best boy Draupnir? I'd prefer some Kratos fights in general by the way, we've only seen the axe be used once, the blades have only been mentioned, and the spear is absent so far.
2. Why were Jon and Mormont allowed to leave the Wall without being branded as deserters? The will only said Jon would be released if Robb died, which hasn't happened. I guess Kratos could have released Jon, if Kings can do it, gods definitely can (though this being mentioned would have been nice), but there's no reason for Jeor to leave his post. The Wall needs to be manned more than ever now with the threat of the Others, and Jeoe is still Lord Commander.
3. What happened to Thorne? His absence makes me think he was killed, but I don't think there's been anything explicit about that.
1/20 c1 sahibjit669
soo good can't wait for next chapter
1/6 c13 WearyLegands
Good story so far. Can't wait for more
1/6 c13 Guest
i love your story every chapter made me more excited for the next. i hope every thing will be better for u, cause u have a woderful skill at writing.i cant want util the next chapter to be release. keep up the great work
1/5 c13 Drakon45
ummm update ?
1/3 c2 28evolution-500
Looking good, but there are some grammatical errors here and there.
1/3 c1 evolution-500
Very good start so far, although there are some punctuation errors in places.
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