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for In Your Wildest Dreams

1h c45 Xechu.s
1h c45 Rain Dance Jam
looks like Jaune has become the cosmic owl
2h c17 PitchParade
This is supposed to be a somber chapter but the moment I saw Vanille/Neo referring to themselves with "they/their" all I could think was "Our pronouns are they/them, not because we are non-binary, but because we are literally TWO NIGGAS!"
2h c45 2GM10
Brother Gods: I can change you and bring back the dead.
Jaune: Noobs, I can make sure you haven't even existed before, today or tomorrow.
2h c45 1Wicked.A
Nice chapter
4h c45 Seneschi
I really like to imagine ozpin and oobleck giggling as they're like "oh yeah yeah do the chair swivel to dramatic reveal thing"
5h c45 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
6h c45 14SBahamut
Glory to queen Velvet !

Otherwise, I find that Jaune's powers are becoming a little too broken. Here he can totally alter reality and without clear limitations, we're entering the realm of the divine.

I hope you know where you're going with this, otherwise you risk getting trapped at some point.

Otherwise, as usual, a good chapter
6h c45 GrimDecline
Well... hopefully no one has a "violent" wet dream with Jaune or else they may be getting a surprise.
7h c45 OddCombo
Honestly, Velvet getting pampered, I can get behind. Little bunny deserves it lol
8h c45 6Fallout-Man101
I really want to see Jaune bring back Oz's kids if it's possible they never have much screen time.
8h c45 Caprice Dhusara
Theoretically, Jaune could unGrimm Salem if he came into contact with her and realized who he was dealing with. Ozpin wouldn't attempt it as long as she's in the Grimmlands since there's no way to safely get Jaune in range and no guarantee that she would be sleeping even if he could reach her, but the possibility exists since it worked on Oz.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
9h c45 4Parselmaster
You know, when I titled this "In Your Wildest Dreams," I hadn't imagined this degree of reality warping. Good show!
10h c45 21vmoneywashere
Drunk velvet is funny velvet.
10h c45 TripleSweet
Wait, you use firefox? Who uses firefox nowadays?
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