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3/18 c6 SuperReader3000
Great story so far!
3/17 c6 Mcgiggletits
More please
3/13 c6 16fvdv123
A story with Daphne and a harem is my favorite
3/11 c6 steel.metal14
I eagerly await more
3/8 c6 estevanpedroza103
Great story
3/8 c6 juni.clon.ado
3/7 c6 1Fellbane
Hmm, hmm, hmm! Continue this masterpiece.
3/6 c3 TrumpasaurusRex
"You know I'm going to fuck you tonight, don't you?" Harry asked her with a sudden burst of confidence, grinning when her eyes widened. Hermione bit her lip and nodded.

"Tell him how much you want me, Hermione," Harry probed further, curious to hear how far she would go.

This change in relationship happened way too fast.
This is Harry Potter not some pervy hentai anime.
Nearly every character in this story is acting very out of character.
3/6 c6 jackseaweedjackson
Great chapter as always!
3/5 c6 pix25
Love the chapter
3/5 c6 insanecoop
A great follow up chapter
3/5 c6 fallendemon248
Damn daphne seems like she has it bad, wonder if Tracey will join in when her and Harry have some fun
3/5 c6 Romedov
This is promising
3/5 c6 scyfly
what? he wasnt even in the chamber yet? so he talks about dangerous info after opening the chamber but not entering or putting up some privacy charms?

how reckless can one be
3/5 c6 scyfly
that is the most ambigious dumbass oath ever.

what you have seen or will see...

so she can never talk about anything she has seen ever again, funny enough aslong as her eyes are closed she can talk about what she heard.

"that you will not disclose in anyway what you have learned down here today." there nothing about sight or hearing, only limited to this day in the chamber.

you really arent very good at this
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