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7/26 c10 4Moonlightshadoww
Properly caught up and this was fantastic. First off, you write the worst possible Lucy ever and you did masterfully. Oh my God i swear i have never despised her more. Even when all Nellie is doing is helping her and i’m sure she didn’t have to because Lucy was probably not even paying rent, she still found a way to be nasty. Hell, even when she saved her from poisoning and went to Bedlam Nellie still cared and she even accused her of poisoning her! Im sorry her madness doesn’t fully excuses her because she was like that before. I truly had little sympathy for her. So, are we guessing shes truly dead? I hope so, honestly. The johanna part was soo sad, i could feel nellie’s desperation so perfectly, how shed do anything to save her. God, Sweeney really owes her one for all she did for his family, I swear. That scene with Turpin and Bamford was TENSE omg it was pure writing perfection. I loved that Nellie finally showed her claws, i wish lucy had gotten a bit of that honestly hahahah And finally, i loved it when nellie was stroking the stuffed toy as she plotted, gave me Padrino vibes hahah. In short, these were three great chapters and although they have followed canon, theyve filled the gaps so things finally make more sense and thats all to your briliant writing. I am excited to see what you come up with next xxxx
7/15 c9 BloodMoon4Ever
Oh Fae, so sorry I haven’t caught up over the last couple of chapters. This story continues to be truly amazing! Idk about this Graves and what he’s telling Nellie, I feel like there’s more going on here. Come on, Nellie, you’ve gotta try to get Johanna away from Turpin!
Sorry to hear that your other reader here (is it this Moonlight person?) has stopped reading your story. Seems so rude of her to just drop it and stop reading. It’s her loss if you ask me, I think it’s an amazing work. If she thinks your story’s unworthy, then so be it, I’ll keep faithful as long as you keep writing! Can’t wait to hear from you again girl!
4/21 c9 Steff
Poor little Jojo for being under that vulture's custody, six year olds are already capable of understanding lots of things, it must've been terrifying suddenly been taken from her auntie Nellie :(
I'm excited to read what happens next, thank you for writing this and other stories, I haven't read all of them but I'm strongly willing to (and I will do so). Friendly greetings from steff :)
3/12 c7 Moonlightshadoww
Oh wow, this was such an eventful chapter! Ben arrested, his trial and then being shipped to Australia and Albert dying at the end. I expected the first three and i knew albert's death would come sooner rather than later, but what I didn't expect was for Nellie to tell Ben the truth. But i'll focus on the first four first. It was bloody clever that he was accused of adultery, even if lucy didn't believe it it was funny I don't know why haha I hope it becomes true soon! (In the present). Speaking of Lucy, I can't loathe her more and I want to scream at Nellie for being such a pussy and not giving her a piece of her mind, Lucy just thinks she can humilliate Nellie and get away with it and she actually can because Nellie doesn't even talk back to her... Ben is arrested and he knows the truth, can Nellie grow a spine now please? About the judge, I had my suspicions that the client was his and I wonder what will happen with that, would it be a mere coincidence or will she use it to her advantage? And even in the present... would it make Sweeney extra determined to murder him for what he did to Nellie?
Although I do feel bad for Albert, because he was a good man... in a way Nellie is free now. Free from a marriage that prevented her from experience things she wanted like love and potentially starting a family. Albert was sweet because he protected her, but I feel like she didn't need him anymore, and he was holding her back. I do appreciate how kind he was, he was such a good friend. I wonder if she will have other love interests (even if they dont work out as we know), or if she will just wait for Ben. Remember my message talking about assumptions we make in the fandom? I feel like thats another one lol, that Nellie didn't do much than wait for Sweeney in those 15 years and she had no proper relationship when she could have. All we know is that she was alone when he came but 15 years is a long time.
And finally... I must address the revelation. It was a very heartfelt moment and I loved how sweet Ben was, even after the kiss. It will be a nice memory to remember him and he has one of her as well... they are best friends and my heart breaks for both, because of what could have been. But now in the present time, destiny has brought them together again and I hope this time its for good. It also breaks my heart to see that her telling him all this starting in the first chapter of this fic is not the first time she'd told him about their past as seen in this chapter. He remembers Lucy and Johanna alright but he keeps forgetting about Nellie... that has to be devastating for her.

And we're finally going back to the present are we not? I'm intrigued to see what is going to happen now but i have no doubt that the quality is going to be as amazing. This is such an incredible fic and I'm so glad you decided to write it and post it. Please update soon! Take care, love xxx
2/19 c6 Moonlightshadoww
Why was this the most heartbreaking chapter for me? Nellie has been through a lot, but I felt like the memory of Benjamin, the hopes of being reunited felt like the promised land after such trauma. Now all hopes are gone, he is back, doesn't remember her and has a wife and daughter. Speaking of the wife, I hate her so much, I hate her for talking Nellie down like that, for making her feel less. So Lucy's blonde and fair, but she is dull and bland and Nellie is also very pretty. I mean Helena is a knockout and that's who I always picture as Nellie lol. It also broke my heart to see her being so submissive, to see her keeping her pain to herself not to upset her and Ben and frankly, I don't think she held her ground against Lucy. I think the stupid blonde won here, and it wasn't even close. Nellie is such a strong character, bold and unapologetic it broke my heart to see her like this. I understand why, of course, to preserve the only "purity" she has left in her life, her friendship with Benjamin, not to tarnish it with her past, but it's still heartbreaking. And I honestly don't know if Benjamin being transported would not be a blessing in disguise for Nellie... because imagine if he hadn't, fifteen years of seeing the man you love everyday doting on his wife and his daughter and maybe even having more, while she can't have any (I'm totally blaming bertie for it btw so I say give Nellie babies in present time hahaha no jk lol do what you want that I'm sure will be amazing), while hers is a loveless marriage with a man that will die soon and she doesn't know true love yet and probably never will at this rate... truly heartbreaking, like a slow torturous death... Poor dear, I just want her to be happy. Great chapter as usual xxx
1/19 c5 Moonlightshadoww
It was great as usual! I enjoyed reading your interpretation of Albert, so different from mine but also so plausible. And tbh, i do want to believe Albert was like yours to her... he is an angel really. I do want Nellie to find love though and I know he is coming soon, but it will be heartbreaking so im just praying in the future they will get together.
Mrs. Mooney was brilliantly annoying and the perfect catalyst for the wedding and it was fun to see Nellie fending for herself and finding a way to stop the rumors. Oh god Ben, Lucy and Jo are coming and i dont know if im ready for that! Nellie is going to suffer a great deal i can feel it... but as always i'm excited to read more!
And congratulations on getting tickets to see Sweeney Todd on broadway! I hope it is truly amazing. Enjoy xxxx
12/18/2022 c4 Moonlightshadoww
I finally had time to read this and as always, it did not disappoint. The cliffhanger at the end is killing me, and somehow when i think Nellie's life can't get any worse, it does. Now she is living in the streets and has no choice but to steal to keep herself fed. No baby! Go back with Mrs. Williams! I understand she feels like a burden if she stays with her so i wonder when she'll become the opportunistic character we know and kinda love. When she hits rock bottom I suppose, because despite everything i still think she is a good girl. And very brave! So young and out there on her own because she chooses to... it broke my heart when she found out her dad is dead and how she struggled to accept Mrs. Williams' kindness... and of course the episode at the brothel. It would be a big coincidence if that client was the judge but the description and his manners made me think of him... I'm really intrigued to see what's next for her... her life has been such a rollercoaster with more lows than high so i hope there's a bit of happiness coming soon AND a lot of ever lasting happiness when she's done telling Sweeney the story. Heartbreaking he never read the letters... xxx
11/11/2022 c3 Moonlightshadoww
I am speechless. I didn't expect the story to go this route but It's so heartbreaking. She is just a child! I'm so glad she had Cora and Addie but omg her aunt? She may not see it, she may not be aware but she is a damn monster. I felt so bad for Nellie the whole time, I was tearing up. She was only 10 and already raped... my heart really breaks for her. But this was wonderfully written as always and that cliffhanger at the end left me wanting more. Honestly i wanna believe Nellie will be in a better place but I'm no longer so confident... I wonder how Sweeney will react to this bc it's horrific, completely. Also on a lighter note, I saw so much of future Nellie in Cora, like she grew up to be like the closest thing she had to a mother. Forget about Gertrude returning I hate her, but I'd love to see more of Cora and Addie! They truly are Nellie's family despite not sharing her blood. I can't wait to read more of this incredible fic xxxxx
11/10/2022 c1 BloodMoon
Wow, just wow. This is very well written so far, love your attention to detail. I had to laugh when the doctor entered with "Did someone say stitches?" I just had a flash of some superhero jumping in saying that in a booming voice, with their hands on their hips.
A drunk Sweeney is a very curious Sweeney.
11/6/2022 c1 Moonlightshadoww
This was amazing! First off, i love your writing style, it has a distinct lower class victorian feel thats perfect for ST, especially when the characters talk. And your descriptions of the action are great too, it makes one feel part of the story. This said, I already feel so bad for Nellie... I agree with you her past must have been hard and that just makes her more remarkable. "The happiest smiles can indeed hide the most troubled pasts" is a beautiful way to put it. Starting soon with the tragedies, you had me tearing up at some points and I wonder what will befall her with this aunt Getrude. Idk why but she reminded me a bit of Miss Harrison, Fiona shaw's character in Enola Holmes 1, thats how I pictured this Gertrude haha. I also wonder if her story will remind Sweeney of when they met as kids and if he'll ever share his version of their brief story together, telling her how much he valued her as a friend. This was a great start to a very promising story and I'm so excited to learn more about Nellie's past xxx
Also, RIP Angela and Sondheim. They truly are missed.

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