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for Light of the Storm

4/15 c10 1pax-draconix
She's all, my supers haven't helped the bay. What happened to Archmage and the boat graveyard. Or is she still not aware he did that?
3/1 c33 D3Diton
while it was rushed it was good, i hope to see your jext work soon
2/29 c33 Aren Gisly
TFTC! I loved your story!
2/24 c33 alaskan-dracolych
Hell of a ride, man. Can't wait to set what you pop out next.
2/14 c33 Guest
Man, sad this story is over, looked forward to every chapter. Ending seemed a little bit rushed, but put a nice bow on everything. Always love when the Golden Idiot gets his sh1t packed in! Definitely excited for another story in your universe!
2/12 c33 Guest
2/13 c33 1Draco0905
Yet another story has been finalized. It's unusual, but good. Even a bad ending is better than not finishing at all or leaving it hanging over a cliff like While E Cyotey. yes i did completely trash that name. im bad with them. sue me. lol.
2/12 c33 Brightstone Keep
So... ultimately, Taylor didn't matter as anything but a glorified clown car for the OC-Verse to win.

I think I will prefer the Taylor in the Stormverse variant if you decide to write that one.
1/24 c11 Guest
The crossover is veering more into ocs instead of worm. I'm out
10/27/2023 c32 Guest
10/22/2023 c31 3doRodrigo
Loving it hopefully it will be updated soon.
10/16/2023 c31 Guest
Could girl not have dismissed Ares after he killed Leviathan
10/13/2023 c31 Guest
9/29/2023 c30 Guest
9/29/2023 c30 Guest
Real life must come first
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