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for A Crown of Black Upon His Head

4/10 c9 Shiva Praphul 7
Hello author,
I have noticed your wording that you stopped writing onsite on FFN because of reasons you have stated. I cannot help myself and so I am asking, are there any places or sites where your works are continuing. I have read this story and I am amazed with your plot.
Maybe I am late but personally I feel, writing a story is for our sake but not for the masses. I have started 3 stories with one chapters each and am reading other stories for getting any ideas. I have not posted them yet but I will after I have completed them.

Please reply me to my email praphulvarma at gmail.
Thank you for your writings until now.
3/23 c9 ToddGilliss
sorry to see you leave I enjoyed this story
good luck in the next round of life
3/1 c6 lartessier44
i have just finished the last chapter and what a story ideed. I'm sorry your giving up as you gave a wonderful talent that I must admit I envy. i wish you well in all your endeavours and thank you for the pleasure your story has brought me. Good Luck.
2/25 c9 Baz62
That is disappointing. I hope it's because you lost interest in writing and not because of the idiots that can't understand this is fanfiction. I wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your stories and seeing a different Harry.
2/19 c9 Guest
That is to bad as I have enjoyed your stories.
2/8 c3 MattBlack
Really like your aristocratic Harry. Arcturus has always been one of my fav choices as Harry's Guardian lol...
2/7 c9 Priya.r.rathi
Ohho. I really liked this one!
2/4 c9 1lilashannah
what an over the top over powered story. I freaking love it. every now and then we need a strong competent Harry. Im so sorry you took the slander to heart. your writing is quite enjoyable. don't let the Ron Wesleys of the world get ya down.
2/4 c9 Treecat1812
Saddens me to see too many of ffn's authors come to this same decision. I still reread The Black Hand's works often after he quit writing for similar reasons. Thank you for leaving your stories up for folks to read. Best wishes in future endeavors.
2/3 c9 EntityError
Such a great story gone to waste because of the haters, shame this story was one of the good lord Potter black

Well if this is what you want
I have no problem what do ever.
1/30 c9 remeyqueen74
I’m very sorry you experienced such negativity it really was a great story
1/25 c1 Joepiel
I'm sorry so many people's bullshit made you stop writing on here. I highly enjoy your stories and wish they would continue. Saying that, I hope you find enjoyment and fun in all of your future endeavors.
1/20 c9 Jarick
I'm so sorry to hear that. Its a shame, but sadly, completely understandable. Too many people on this site seem to think being a jackass, and shitting on other peoples' work is completely fine and justified. I hope that whatever is next for you, or whatever else you're doing is filled with far more positivity than this was.
1/7 c9 Guest
Love this keep it going needs more chapters
1/3 c9 Linda
Loved this story sorry to hear you wont be writing any more.
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