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for A Crown of Black Upon His Head

3/19 c8 Kolokol
Great story. I've never read anything like this. Ihope there will be an update.
3/16 c8 Guest
Reread the story for a third time.. please come back!
This is a really good read. But can't wait for the next installment
3/15 c6 12Esmereilda
yea good luck with albus and how far u get with it b4 lord knocks over ur latest house of cards
3/6 c8 youngyazzy
I can’t wait for the next chapter a really good story so far
3/6 c1 Legendary Legend Layer
love it! seriously a great fic keep it up!
3/4 c8 estevanpedroza103
This is a great fanfic. I hope you keep updating it.
3/3 c8 Trol la la lol
Can I just comment on how beautiful this fic is? I am having so much fun and I can’t wait for the next chapter.
3/1 c1 peggyjolaws
one of the best stories I have read in a long time.. can't wait to read more.
2/24 c8 BoredAsUsual34
ngl this is an amazing story especially with how harry basically made dumbledore play his game while thinking he could manipulate harry. and tbh i havn't felt like it was a one sidded sort of story more like a build up arc to get the story going and make people more interested in the story which i definetly am.
2/23 c8 Lvbo2001
Pleaseeeee continue! I really loved thiss storyyy
2/23 c8 Hyuga Tobirama
Man this story is epic
2/12 c8 Cbarclay
By god. I started reading it 1 hour ago(I think) and I couldn’t stop until I ran out of chapters to read. Can wail to read the next one. Great job from the author.
2/12 c1 Cbarclay
Holy crap that is one of the best openings I have read on this site.I may be a bit late I am so glad I can instantly read more of what is shaping you to be an amazing story
2/10 c5 1blcoachmac
Bwahahahaha! Even Moldyshorts shat himself!
2/10 c2 blcoachmac
I guess Arcturus took Harry from the abusers. Of course Dumbles never check so he wouldn't know. Now Dumbles will play catchup until he gets caught in the cross hairs of Harry's victory! Oh, Snivellus is in so deep of shit he will never get out!
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