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1/14/2023 c6 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Beautiful and so sweet!
1/14/2023 c6 scootersmom
This is so sweet! I can just see Dean making that decision!
1/11/2023 c5 2Emma Winchester 424
AAAAAHHHHHHH i forgot how much I loved this story! Love the additional dialogue, just fantastic as always. Good ol' Uncle Dean- never change, man! LOL! This is so well written, right in character, and Emily is just so freaking adorable. THIS is the show we need now! Bravo as always, my darling friend!
1/9/2023 c5 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Lol! Love it, Dean is such a rotten little shit sometimes but he loves him and Emily, no doubt. Dunno about the sugar high though, Dean may be in over his head on that one.
11/30/2022 c3 scootersmom
I'm enjoying your stories so much! I look forward to reading the next chapter!
11/27/2022 c3 Trucklady53
Their relationship is so cute and just how I would imagine Sam would be if he ever had kids. I know that lots say that Dean would make a great dad but that is based on how he had to take care of Sam growing up. This isn't saying he wouldn't be if he had his own kids but I think because of how Dean took care of Sam that that would make Sam a very great dad.
11/21/2022 c2 Guest
What a great story! Please continue. You are an excellent writer.
11/2/2022 c2 Emma Winchester 424
Awww! Happy Halloween, Emmy! I love this story so much- it's the perfect blend of sweetness, humor, and angst. Absolutely love that Emily is the only person on the planet who can get away with calling Dean "Dee Dee". There are still so many precious moments to be had, and my heart aches for Sam as they now will all be bittersweet. But he's got the best baby in the world and the best brother in the world, and we're all rooting for him. And for YOU, because you are the best author in the world :)
11/1/2022 c1 Guest
Extremely beautiful! I also read the others you wrote about Sam and his daughter Em. I really like the idea!
11/1/2022 c2 4Nevertoomany
This was so so cute! I loved how Sam and Dean were both "saving" each other in different ways. The ending was perfect, even though it was a rough day for Sam, it still ended happy. Love this!
11/1/2022 c2 EmilyAnnMcGarrett-Winchester
Just found this and am so hooked, loving it and looking forward to more.
11/1/2022 c2 Trucklady53
What a sweet story. I think you nailed it on how Dean would be with his niece and how Sam would be the best daddy there ever was. It was a good kind of sad but touching, tear dropping, yet warm feeling kind of story.
10/28/2022 c1 Guest
Ong I randomly searched you and seen a new story, amazing! Please keep it up
10/16/2022 c1 1Pie and the Winchesters
my heart is shattering but this was so sweet too. I can't wait to read more of this story. You're so talented, and Emily is such an interesting character
10/15/2022 c1 4Nevertoomany
This was so incredibly cute and heartbreaking! Poor Emily just wanted to see her mom! I loved seeing Sam deal with such a hard situation, and how he learned to get through it with Dean’s help. I’m so excited for these stories, you are such an amazing writer and really bring these scenes to life! I can’t wait to see Uncle Dean, and how normal life treats Sam and Emily!
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